Digital and Analytics – Moving forward in Sales

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram
sales performance
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Most business leaders are fully aware that in order to keep their sales teams up to date, they need to invest in sales automation and associated software that have become an indispensable part of sales and operations. 

Role of Digital and Analytics

The truth however is that mere automation is not enough. Only by harnessing the power of digital and analytics, it will be possible to identify, drive and even scale meaningful changes that will serve a company well. Companies who implement these changes in a disciplined way undeniably reap benefits, both in the short and long terms. 

Best Practices

It will pay off well, if business leaders bear in mind the following points 
  1. Mere automation is not going to significantly increase sales performance. 
  1. It is important to identify the intelligence that is required. While the market is awash with several cool intelligence and analytics products, not all of them will serve your sales reps. Involve the sales reps in the process, use data to capture the effect of all sales and then use the insights to drive revenue. 
  1. The sales leaders need to focus on capabilities that make a difference. The  parameters that will greatly influence the sales performance is the size of the pipeline and conversion rate, and ideas that are in line with overall transformation vision of the company. 
  1. Deploy the analytics tools in skill management and development. Identify the skills and strengths of your sales personnel. Simultaneously, gaps in skills will become evident.  Relevant and personalised training can be provided to your sales force. 
  2. Beat the drum! Make sure you demonstrate progress to the team and stake holders. Every small win, real-time insights and news about individual contribution will spread a positive feeling about the goal. Further, this kind of communication will make the team feel the progress they are making, motivating them to do more. 
Over all, digital and analytics tools can significantly enhance a sales capacity. However, it is important that there is a clear vision in sight and the tool should be used to achieve the same. The tool must be a significant part of a pragmatic, complete and integrated solution.

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