Writing The Perfect Executive Summary

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram
Writing The Perfect Executive Summary

Executive summary is the most important part of your proposal. No matter how well written your proposal is most decision makers will only have time to read your executive summary. Most people do not pay attention to the executive summary when writing a proposal. But your executive summary is a miniature version of the full proposal. Like a proposal, it guides the customer into understanding your offer and solution.

Given below are some ways by which you can write the perfect executive summary for your winning proposal:

Present Situation

Start your summary by describing the current scenario of your client. Begin in a non-controversial and safe way. This is place of consensus for both you and the client. You are laying down the foundation for addressing your client’s problems and presenting your solution.

Understand The Problem

A company usually issues an RFP only when they have particular problems that need to be addressed or needs that are to be met. This is your chance to prove to the clients that you understand their problem. You should also explain why change is necessary.

Research is key in this part of the process. Try to understand the problem from the client’s perspective. Talk to your clients directly or people who know them. Also find documents or emails where they mention their problems and challenges.

Present The Solution

Now you will provide an outline of how your solution will solve the problem. The important thing to include here is the win themes. These are the areas that need to be communicated to the customers. When you highlight your win themes make sure that you also provide concrete information to validate your points.

Information About The Organisation

After discussing the problem and solution, you will now offer information regarding your company. Make it clear to your client that you are capable of handling the problem and carrying out the solution.

People often talk about the company too soon and too much. This forms a wrong impression. Show your client that you understand their problem. It is important to write a customer focused executive summary.


Make sure that what you have written is concise and clear. Make your sentences short and simple and write in active voice. Use bullet points and graphics wherever possible to cut down the space used.

Get It Right

A proper executive summary will take the readers through a quick journey that has  persuasive and compelling arguments. It can easily make a difference between winning and losing a bid.

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