Baachu Sales Pipeline Development – The Core Principles That We Used to Deliver 20+ Pipeline Projects in Facilities Management & Construction, Justice & Immigration, Highways & Transport, IT & BPO, Health & Social Care Sectors.

Facilities Management, Construction, Justice, Police, Immigration, Highways, Transport, IT, BPO, HealthCare, Social Care, Welfare Services and Defence.

Market Sizing, Competitive Assessment, Pipeline Generation

The Client: Multiple public and private sector clients across a range of industry verticals and geographies.

The Challenge:
In most cases, the client’s existing bid pipeline was not robust enough to be able to sustain their long-term business and growth objectives. The clients wanted to overhaul their existing bid pipeline and target additional geographies and industry verticals to meet their overall strategic and operational objectives.

The Solution:
Given that a robust bid pipeline is essential for a company on its growth path, it is equally essential to recognize the various aspects of building an effective one. The process involves identifying and classifying opportunities based on the company’s strategic objectives (including values, vision, capabilities, strategy & resources).
This structured list of opportunities has the following five key components:
  • Name: Opportunity, Customer, Incumbent/Supplier, Bid Lead
  • Dates: Publish, Submission, Award, Start, End
  • Size: Total contract value, Annual contract value, weighted bid value
  • Probability: PGo (probability of bidding), PWin (probability of winning), PHappen (probability of opportunity hitting the market)
  • Other Parameters (based type of business/ opportunity/ services): Business Unit/ Division, Geography, Bid Stage etc.
Bid pipelines are usually developed in MS Excel or paid CRM tool (such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Smartsheet, Pipedrive). A bid pipeline is rendered more effective when it is updated on a regular basis and mapped back to the organization’s achievements on ground zero. The pipeline ideally should be revisited at a specified time interval for it to be relevant and meaningful. Metrics such as number of bids, total bid value, weighted value of bids, and number of bids at specific bid stages can be used to measure the effectiveness of a pipeline.

A typical bid pipeline might look like:
Opportunity Customer Sector Award Year Supplier ACV (£M) Bid Stage PGo (%) PWin (%) Weighted value (£M)
Catering Dept. of Health Health Jan 2013 ISS 20 1 50% 10% 1
Soft FM Dept. of Education Education Under Construction To be Awarded c.30 0 80% 10% 2
Integrated FM Deloitte Private Aug 2015 Mitie 8 0 50% 50% 2

The Results: 10+ Clients have used Baachu Pipeline Development to build £21 Billion revenue, 18000 opportunities across a wide range of sectors and geographies globally.


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