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Europe Facilities Management Player Identified 102 Opportunities and 3 Acquisition Targets to Grow from £50M to £100M Over 3 Years.

Industry: Facilities Management, Education, Healthcare, Retail, Real Estate and Commercial Sectors.

Strategy Consulting,  Acquisition Target Scanning, Pipeline Generation, Market Sizing, Pre- Sales and Bid Support.

The Client:
The client is a Europe-based integrated FM services provider, operating in the UK market for over 20 years. it employs more than 900 staff and offers bespoke FM services to customers in the education, healthcare, retail and commercial sectors.

The Challenge:
The client wanted to understand and assess the relevant and potential opportunities in the UK FM market and use the research to draft its strategic growth plan as well as help the BD team with a more focused approach.

The Solution:
The FM market in the UK is at a very advanced stage with extensive prevalence of outsourcing and teaming with suppliers of all size and scale. Identifying relevant opportunities which could be targeted immediately by the client required a multi-step process which was spread over a period of 20 weeks.
  • Opportunity Identification: The initial weeks were devoted to shortlisting firms which were subsequently prioritized based on their respective FM contracts nearing completion. A total of 102 opportunities were identified including 3 acquisition targets in the first phase.
  • Prospective Lead Generation: Relevant contacts from procurement were identified and engaged within the shortlisted firms, trailed by diligent follow-ups in subsequent weeks. Multiple channels of communication had to be engaged for effective follow-ups – emails, calls and social media, to connect with around 20-25 executives on a weekly basis. Certain specific instances also required the registration of client on the e-procurement portals of shortlisted prospects.
  • BD Support: The final stages required active liaison between the Business Development (BD) Director at client side and the relevant procurement executives at the prospective target side. Regular updates to clients in the form of trackers; assessing the experience and fine-tuning the approach as the assignment progressed was critical for safeguarding its success.

The Results: The Client implemented key decisions within first year, acquired few PFI contracts in Schools, entered central government framework (with £12 billion call off contracts) and upswelled £14m with existing clients giving them solid foundation for success.


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