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French Energy & Facilities Services Leader Grew Its Key Account by 20% and Conducted a Detailed Assessment of FM Growth Opportunities in Nuclear, Energy, and Utilities Sector.

Facilities Management, Nuclear, Energy, Utilities.

Strategy Consulting,  Account Growth, Pipeline Generation, Competitive Assessment.

The Client:
The client is a France-based provider of integrated and bespoke FM services especially to the energy and nuclear sector. Its range of services include security, catering, cleaning, landscape management as well as heating and ventilation, fluid management and power.

The Challenge:
The client wanted to develop its strategic growth plan by focusing on existing client mining activities as well as acquiring new business to boost organic growth in nuclear, energy and utilities  sector.

The Solution:
As a first step, a thorough assessment of the client’s business and strategy was performed, and a detailed growth plan was developed that mapped with their overall business objectives. The strategic growth plan was pivoted around the following four pillars:
  • Existing Account Mining: The client was already supplying TFM services as well as industrial services to one of Europe’s largest global energy players. The strategic plan identified the need to secure an extension to the existing contracts as a major corner stone for growth in the future.
    • Also, positioning itself as the preferred supplier of decommissioning services to this energy company was part of this strategic initiative.
    • A three-year plan was also built which focused on the additional services that the client should offer to this energy company to ensure long-term association
  • Targeting Upcoming Nuclear Reactors: In addition, the strategic assessment highlighted the importance of targeting other upcoming nuclear reactors to pitch for its services.

  • Grow in the Energy Sector: The strategic plan also emphasized the need to focus on the energy generation companies – such as companies involved in renewable energy generation etc. as a new source of potential revenue generation

  • Target the Overall Utilities Sector: Finally, the plan drew out the need to also look at the larger utility sector and aim to offer its services across exploration, extraction & mining, electricity / gas distribution, petroleum, sewage services, waste management etc.

The Results: The Client successfully qualified 3 critical projects (worth £75m a year) in the chosen sectors and won all 3 tenders over a period of 18 months.


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