Germany FM Boosted Pipeline by 5x, Bid and Won 2 Opportunities within 3 Months of Roll Out.

Facilities Management, Manufacturing & Industrial, Pharma, Laboratories and Medical Devices, Retail, Universities and Higher Education, Local Authorities.

Strategy Consulting,  Pipeline Generation, Market Sizing.

The Client:
The client is a Germany based global FM services provider, managing and operating a range of real estate assets as well as technical equipment. It also offers client-specific production-supporting services based on the end-client’s needs. The company has a workforce of more than 20,000 spread across 30 countries.

The Challenge:
The client wanted to develop a deeper and more robust pipeline of FM opportunities in the UK to be able to take advantage of the attractive and mature nature of UK’s FM services market. The end objective of the exercise was to act as an effective input source for the client’s BD team.

The Solution:
  • Opportunity Listing:
    To accomplish the task, a detailed research exercise was undertaken in early 2019 to focus on FM contracts in the region. The list included FM contracts which were awarded within the UK and had annual contract values (ACV) between £0.5 – £2.0 Mn across services which included Total/ Integrated Facility Management (IFM), Soft FM (cleaning, security etc.) as well as Hard FM services. Contracts were considered for a wide range of private and public sectors including, Manufacturing & Industrial, Pharma, Laboratories and Medical Devices, Retail, Universities and Higher Education, Local Authorities as well as other regional opportunities.
  • Contract Categorization:
    These contracts were then categorized as rebid opportunities basis the priorities already set by the client. For instance, contract rebid opportunities for education, manufacturing, pharma, local authority and manufacturing & industrial were a higher priority for the client, as opposed to the ones in leisure, retail and aviation. The exercise listed a total of 218 contracts, which included 40 open contract notices published by higher education institutions and local authorities in the UK.
  • Final Shortlisting:
    As a final output, a total of 10 contracts were shortlisted as preferred opportunities for the client basis the defined sectoral priorities. For each of these shortlisted opportunities, a list of key decision makers was drawn up – of people who were key influencers with respect to the said contract. And for each of these key executives, relevant contact information including their designation, email address and link to their LinkedIn profiles were captured to help the client focus their BD efforts around these executives and enhance the chances of converting the opportunities.

The Results: The Result The Client boosted the pipeline 5X their annual revenue target and secured 3 quick wins within 3 months of the new sales strategy


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