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Be boring and survive the Covid19 environment

Baskar Sundaram

When it comes to business, familiarity works in a simple way.  Do you know where your FM revenue is going to come into the COVID environment?

We quietly published our report on the UK FM market overview in the covid19 environment. 
Click here to view report

This is not a qualitative report, the report is based on data points from 11600 outsourced Facilities Management Tenders and includes our conversations with 100+ buyers.

There are so many moving parts – covid19, Brexit, Scotland elections, FM service providers will be pulled in multiple directions – remote building monitoring – the convergence of workplace solutions and IOT people monitoring technologies, insourcing in NHS and local government, commoditised crown commercial services (CCS) FM market place and so on.

The key message – There is a total disruption in the FM supply chain!

I cancelled all our scheduled industry webinars in June and July. During this period, we supported sales planning activities of 5 long-standing FM players.

We were involved in benchmarking 6 FM contracts in retail, office & commercial buildings and pharma sectors. Except one contract, we recommended to terminate the existing suppliers!

Buyers are equally frustrated and looking for fresh suppliers. Many suppliers forget they have gold within existing customers and keep trying to lure new untrusted relationships..

My advice to service providers – this is the time to be boring – super boring. Be a superhero to your current customers, forget about shaping the industry. FM market will take 12 – 18 months to correct itself and that will primarily rely on reactions of FM players to the macro economic conditions they operate.

Again, download our report and stress test your market planning  – Click here to download

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