Business trend from COVID-19 Crisis

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

This blog is part of our Covid series that explores a range of topics related to these issues and will naturally evolve as events unfold and facts reveal themselves. The blogs are in no way intended to provide scientific or health expertise, but rather focus on the implications and options for facilities services and workplace organisations.

These insights are based on our ongoing interactions with organizations operating in impacted areas and our expertise in facilities service growth delivery. 

I’m speaking with company leaders in many industries as they grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and global economic crisis. For the most part, they focus on getting essential services up and running and understanding the implications of their workforce working from home.

When we step back and view progress to date, consider the enormity of the challenge. Millions of people now work from home, thanks to an intricate web of ecosystems. We’re still able to access our banks, buy groceries,  virtual home school and conduct business.

Yes, there are problems, and all companies made sacrifices. But this crisis exhibits a remarkable achievement and a real testament to the contingency planning and the strength of companies’ systems and infrastructure as well as that of vendors and service providers. These achievements could not have occurred if companies had not progressed down the path of digital transformation. They invested in the cloud, in automation, and in the Internet. These digital investments absolutely are the saving grace to date. Think about the scope of moving all workforces to work from home and doing that in just a few weeks. I think it’s an astounding accomplishment.

Yes, there are issues, and companies had to prioritize critical systems and activities by diverting resources from less critical functions. Everyone now sees firsthand the gaps in business continuity planning (BCP) and the underlying weakness in how companies conduct business.

Third-party services providers are not immune from these challenges; they, too, have come through to provide critical support in the face of enormous challenges. Just as their clients had to move teams to work from home, service providers moved almost their entire workforce to work from home, and the firms are stretched. Clearly, clients experience service interruptions and a loss of productivity. But it is truly amazing that the providers keep their clients’ critical systems and operations going in these extremely trying times.

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