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Crisis Leadership Volume 5 – Success Proposition

Baskar Sundaram

My experience is that when our sales are stagnant or our growth is lumpy, there is often a disconnect between what we believe our customers think is important and what our customers actually think is important

Our customers are the exclusive decision makers on the definition of “success”. They do not care what you want to give them. They want to receive what they want. Ignore them at your peril.

Want to avoid wasting a tremendous amount of time and money? Figure out:

  1. Who wants your product or service and
  2. How they define “success”
  3. Then remove any doubt that this outcome will be delivered.

It’s called a Success Proposition: What has to happen for the customer to have certainty of success? When prospects don’t buy, it is not because they don’t want
the outcome, it’s because they are uncertain you will deliver it.

They have the money. You want it. End of discussion.

Thinking Time:

  • How do your customers, clients and target market define success…specifically? 
  • Where is the mismatch between what you currently offer and what they really want? 
  • What must you change to give the customer certainty that if they buy it, they will get the desired result?

Thinking Time!

You can thank me later.

Baskar Sundaram

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