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Data Science and Sales Growth: Driving Sustainable growth together in Uncertain Times

Baskar Sundaram

Learn how best-in-class Sales Operations and marketing functions are leveraging UKs only facilities services data science team for predictive revenue insights. The most successful organisations are finding ways to drive greater certainty into their business through data.

For Sales and executive leaders on a calendar year, we are rapidly approaching annual planning season. As if it is not difficult enough to identify where your organisation’s growth will be derived from next year while trying to forecast the back-half of the current year accurately, there is now the added complexity of a global pandemic.

In a recent study by Chief Outsiders, 57% of CEOs believe it will take 6 months or longer to fully recover from COVID-19. What is more, two-thirds do not expect to meet stated growth objectives for the year. However unpredictable the reminder of 2020 feels, 2021 is being targeted as a bounce-back year. The question becomes, where is this growth going to come from, and how can I identify it?

Now is the time, more than ever, for C-Suite and the Board to realise –   how a data-driven revenue plan can have a tangible impact.

Market leaders have Sales operations & marketing teams that lead from the forefront, with actionable, quantifiable insights to drive growth into their commercial organisation.

From our 7+ years experience of supporting 21 of the top 35 strategic suppliers, we knew organisations that put a data driven strategy at the crux of their planning impact the top-line, typically a 3-4% uptick in profitability over 3 years. 

It is clear that Sales Ops leaders that effectively drive data insights into strategy realise more significant results. The question becomes, what is their secret? The answer is partnering with UKs only data driven facilities services data science team to generate the insights needed to bring greater predictability to revenue growth.

With so much uncertainty ahead, it is time for you to drive greater alignment with your analytical counterparts.



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