Facilities Management Operational Strategy Review and Contract Benchmarking

If you are looking for a strategic review of FM across your estates and buildings to:
  • Understand how FM performs today
  • Benchmark across your sector and other industries
  • Identify next generation People, Process & Tech vision, strategy and financial plan
  • Reset service expectations and launch new programme and
  • Benchmark Key Facilities Service Provider, contracts, and their capabilities in your sector
Whether you are focussed on
  • Identifying cost savings
  • Review of current operating model
  • Recommendations of the future to-be operating model
  • Implementing thought-leadership and best practice
  • Undertaking market testing or
  • Formulate your investments to meet your vision, we are here to help.
The following services will be reviewed in depth, benchmarked against similar regional data and recommendations for implementation plans devised: –
  • Current Facilities Structure including review of headcount and roles and responsibilities
  • FM expenditure – Operating Expenditure and Capital Expenditure
  • FM procurement
  • Helpdesk
  • Environmental, Sustainability and Health & Safety
  • Space & Workplace Management
  • Real estate related project management
  • Energy Procurement & Monitoring
  • Mechanical & Electrical and Fabric maintenance including Energy Management
  • Printing & Reprographics
  • Post Room & Mail Services
  • Stationary & Office Supplies
  • Cleaning
  • Recycling
  • Landscaping
  • Pest Control
  • Security
We have extensive expertise in FM at a total function and management level, as well as specialised services within, M&E, Cleaning, Security, Energy, and workplace services with
  • Access to knowledge/ intelligence across major contracts and facilities services industry leaders in UK
  • Understanding and experience of the role of technology in FM operations both from a service perspective and managing FM demand; and
  • Strategic mindset and approach alongside depth of knowledge in the sector to ensure we focus on what drives value
We will be partnering with our specialist operational consultancy – D-I-S-Ce FM Ltd. In the last two years together, we have consulted on FM projects with a value more than $150million worth of operational expenditure, across multiple territories and many varied industry types. Our model is to establish the current situation, identify the road map for delivering operational & financial efficiencies and to then manage the implementation and continuous monitoring of the new delivery model. We undertake an in-depth view of their current Facilities Management structure including current procedures & processes. The result of which, as a primary focus, will be to make recommendations with varied options of which future FM delivery model to adopt which in turn will establish ways of driving down costs if desired by implementing possible changes in order to streamline the delivery of services, establish best practice and efficiencies and optimising the full benefit of their buildings and their useable space. Contact us