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Baachu - Your Expert Partner in Facilities Management Procurement

With a wealth of experience in both client-side procurement projects and FM contractor-side tender opportunities, Baachu stands as a repository of invaluable FM cost data spanning diverse sectors, building types, and services. Our extensive background uniquely positions us to deliver comprehensive insights into the intricacies of facilities management costs.
At Baachu, we have successfully navigated various PFI contracts, fulfilling the crucial role of delivering the five-yearly benchmarking obligation on behalf of FM contractors. Our specialized formal benchmarking experience allows us to meticulously analyze and interpret FM cost data, providing a clear understanding of service delivery efficiencies attainable based on current costs. Drawing on our robust cost database and analytical prowess, we excel in pinpointing specific service costs and prices for individual projects, comparing them against a vast array of similar projects for which we hold anonymized data. This capability empowers us to offer precise insights into how your project's costs stack up within the broader context of industry benchmarks. Beyond data analysis, our expertise extends to supporting FM contractors in optimizing their pricing strategies for robust competitiveness.
Simultaneously, we collaborate with end-clients to identify realistic opportunities for savings without compromising the quality of service delivery. Our comprehensive bidding and procurement proficiency ensures that pricing remains not only competitive but also aligned with industry standards.
Baachu is your trusted partner for leveraging a wealth of FM cost data, analytical insights, and procurement expertise. Explore new horizons in facilities management efficiency and competitiveness with our dedicated support.
Have questions or need assistance? Our team is here to help. Contact us at hello@baachu.com for any inquiries related to any of our services.

Case Study

Baachu was enlisted by the National Health Service (NHS) Trust to conduct a strategic review of their existing Hard Facilities Management (FM) and Helpdesk arrangements in 2021. The objective was to develop a new FM strategy and target operating model for their extensive network, including vet hospitals, retail portfolios, and offices.

Our Comprehensive Approach:

To address the NHS Trust’s needs, Baachu conducted a thorough review of the current FM operating model, with a focus on the commercial structure, internal frameworks, and provided a high-level cost benchmark comparison across their estate. Additionally, stakeholder engagement interviews were conducted with various staff members to contribute to the development of the new service delivery model.

The Successful Outcome:

Baachu delivered a Strategic Recommendations Report to the NHS Trust Estates Team, along with a new Hard FM service specification, service contract, and a Key Performance Indicator model. A draft Invitation to Tender document was also presented, enabling the NHS Trust to formally re-tender the contract. The new service provider was successfully awarded the contract in late 2021.
Head of Estates, NHS Trust ooo

The NHS Trust expressed their satisfaction, stating, "We collaborated with Baachu recently to review our facilities management suppliers. Baachu's market insight was invaluable in helping us scope, specify, and implement our contract within a challenging timescale. They recommended suitable suppliers based on our requirements and technical specifications, enabling us to identify our ideal new supplier and complete the process within a record timescale."

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