Financial Analysis and Bid Commercial Models

1. Financial Modelling

At Baachu, Financial Modelling is at heart of our Growth advisory offering. We assist clients with following:

  • Develop financial models to evaluate transactions, project cash flow and project viability Analyze financial outcomes which aid to strategic decision making process
  • Create excel based models which are custom made for businesses including components of geographic and business specific risk
  • Deliver models across the globe (UK, USA, UAE, Hong Kong, Australia & NZ) in response to corporate strategy & planning, company valuation, peer analysis, project finance, project feasibility study, financial budgeting, business forecasting, and scenario analysis

2. Bid Model Support

One of the most critical decisions for firms is to decide between “Go” and “No Go” for an RFI or RFP. The consequences of getting this decision wrong can be dire and long-lasting for firms. Submitting a winning bid requires deep experience and understanding of the requirement, market dynamics, and competition.

We, at  Baachu, offer end-to-end bid support to help clients steer through the process smoothly. We focus on developing competitive pricing models with various combinations of scenarios / sensitivities that are required to write winning tenders. Our consultants have sufficient grasp of the financial tools and techniques available to increase your win rates. Our team also stresses on governance / compliance (both internal and external) to help clients in improved and well-informed decision making.

Baachu’s mantra is “Bid only by exception”.  Our bid support primarily revolves around :-

  • Commercial & Pricing
  • Financial & Operational Cost Models
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • KPI Analysis & Cost Book Development
  • Model Audit Testing and manage relationship with the client

Commercial modelling

We work with your teams to build detailed financial models. We help your commercial team throughout the internal government and risk assessment process. We ensure you are able to submit quality RFP response, timely.

Stress/Scenario testing

Our expertise in laying down sensitivities and building scenarios will help you evaluate various business and risk profiles.

Best Modelling Practices Review

We audit models by applying industry best practices. We not only perform model audits but also challenge assumptions to help you improve and refine inputs.

3. Financial Analysis

The ever-changing dynamics of the global corporate playfield necessitates a robust financial planning and cash flow management backbone. Having a farsighted financial plan with linkages between annual budgets and the strategic business plan is no less crucial than having long-term strategic business plan itself.

Our Financial Advisory consultants can help create a well-structured Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) framework that can typically act as the financial nucleus for your organization, keeping its movement and momentum in harmony —both financially and operationally. Our experts will work in sync with your teams to create multi-year financial models and annual target-setting processes so that you can assume complete control of your financial management function. We ensure models are flexible and generate insights on areas of variance from the plans.

We can provide you with an internal analysis of a business/project based on the financial statements. Typical financial analysis report includes:-

  • Profitability analysis
  • Working capital analysis
  • Liquidity & solvency analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Valuation multiples and industry comparison.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Build bottom-up budgets at business unit levels stacking up at divisional and group level providing management with complete view of the revenues and cost break-up.

Cost Benchmarking

Contract analysis and benchmarking to highlight key movements.

Dashboard & Reporting

Effective, automated and simple dashboards for easy comprehension and decision making.

Board Packs

Management and board packs preparation facilitating timely decisions.

4. Financial Tools

We can create excel based financial tools for day to day business activities like:-

  • KPI Models
  • Automated time sheets
  • Operational Dashboards 
  • Excel based calculators & more which can save time and help you shift focus towards analysis.

5. Model Review and Stress Testing

We are experts at finding problems in complex spreadsheets and can help you review financial models to validate the calculations and results. Our model review process not only covers formula/calculation validation but also includes logical review of numbers flowing in the model.

6. Dashboards and Management Information Reports (MIS)

We can create dashboard which can be used as:-

  • Data visualization tool which consolidates and arrange numbers
  • Metrics
  • Scorecards
  • KPI & more on a single screen.
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