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Facilities Management- An Overview

Facilities Management There are many multiple definitions of facilities management. The British Institute of Facilities Management perceives it as “the integration of processes within an

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The United Kingdom is one of the largest markets for facility management services in Europe in terms of maturity and sophistication. The market is highly competitive as well, owing to the presence of several organized players and strong presence of top global companies, such as Mitie, ISS, Sodexo, CBRE, JLL among others.

The market has been valued at USD 63.97 billion in 2020 by Mordor Intelligence. Frost & Sullivan estimates the UK FM Industry revenues to be $43 Billion. As per our database the overall FM market in the UK stands at £107.2 billion in TCV. The public sector contributes 59% while the private sector contributes 41%. Among the service types Hard & Soft FM Contributed almost equally at 36% & 35% respectively. The integrated services contributed with 29%. Local government authorities were the lead buyers in the overall stack with 19% of value contribution followed by Central Government and Office both at 14% each.

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