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FM Insider issue 32- Blog on UK FM Landscape by sector-Health care, Report on UK Hard FM services Market, Office Hour Webinars, Talk by Cheryl Avery, Thanks Giving special – FREE APMP certification training, Merger & Acquisition Support, Micro Certi…

Baskar Sundaram
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Issue #32

Friday, November 19th , 2021

FM Blog Posts Corner

UK Facilities Management Landscape by Sector - Health Care

The need for improved health care services is increasing day by day. This has resulted in increased reference for Private health care. The Health care sector spends circa ~£6.1Bn , in which soft FM accounts for the highest proportion of services contracted with TCV of ~£2.4Bn (38.7%) , followed by Integrated FM with ~£2.1Bn (34.2%) and Hard FM with ~£1.2Bn (19.5%). Get to know more about the sector, its key services and providers. Continue Reading

Office Hours Webinars

1. How to Implement an Effective Storyboarding Process?

Storyboarding is an important step in every business that helps in understanding and strategizing the whole process of proposal development. The webinar aims at helping the participants understand the necessity of storyboarding and how it works.

The webinar is scheduled on Friday, 19th November,2021, at 3pm UK

2. Sales Operations Design & Business Winning Metrics

Sales operations help sales teams sell more efficiently by providing a strategic direction. It should be designed keeping in mind higher productivity & sales. The webinar helps you understand more about the sales operations design and some key business winning metrics that can lead you to success.

The webinar is scheduled on Thursday, 25th November 2021, at 3pm UK.

UK Hard FM Services Market Report– Overview, FM Market in UK, Outsourced FM Market by type & service, Impact & Opportunities due to Covid19, Hard FM Deal Figures in key sectors & Advice for FM Service Providers Navigating Covid19

We present to you the latest & updated report on UK Hard FM Services Market. The report consists of an overview, outsourced markets by type and Hard FM Deal figures in key sectors. It also contains advices for the FM service providers who navigate covid19. Check out the report and get to know the trends in Hard FM Services market UK. Click Here

Merger & Acquisition Support

We, at Baachu, provide unbiased and confidential assistance in Merger & Acquisition (M&A) activities in the business services sector. Our aim is to help our clients achieve their M&A objectives by supplying them with a research-intensive way of assessment.


Our M&A services include strategic advice on formulating the objectives and keeping the focus unidirectional. We review and provide feedback to the clients' strategic considerations through M&A workshops. Get to know more about our Merger and Acquisition services. Click here

Thanks Giving Special- FREE APMP Certification Training

The past couple of years have been pretty much defined by stress. And with vast numbers of employees actively looking for new work, it seems that many have finally reached their breaking point. You absolutely need to have a game plan for dealing with employee turnover and disengagement on this scale. Fortunately, that’s where we come in!

For Thanks Giving, we are pleased to announce 20 training scholarships* towards APMP Foundation Certification(valued $225 + VAT each). Read more

* Limited to one person per company
First come first served
Self nomination not accepted
Only 12 places left!!!
With 100% success rates across all APMP Certifications, we have supported 1200 professionals in 31 countries. We will support your team's learning needs.

Tales to Remember

Leadership is more about responsibility than power. Being a leader is not everyone’s cup of tea. The pandemic has urged people to take the initiative and speak up for themselves as well as for their fellow beings. We at Baachu Talk invite such leaders to share experience and inspire us all. Read below to know more and get the best of it.

This week our guest for Baachu Talk was Cheryl Avery. She is the Executive Director of HMPPS, responsible for Prison Reform. In 2013, she joined the MOJ having thirty years of experience from both public & private sectors.

Cheryl is a non-executive director for Government Facility Services Limited. She has worked for organizations like Accenture, Fujitsu, DXC etc. She is also a member of the Audit and Risk Committee(ARAC) and Chairs the Remuneration Committee.

To know more about Cheryl Avery, her Procurement career, experiences with MOJ and her career advices, check out the full episode right now. Happy listening!

We have 24 outstanding as well as diverse human leadership stories from UK Government and industry. To check out, visit our website and listen now Baachu Talk Podcast

Beyond APMP Certifications

Baachu Scribble is world's largest learning portal for business winning professionals with 250 hours learning content inside and over 20 hours of content including Webinars, Certifications, Workshops, Templates, and Articles added every month. Know more
From £1 Self Care Programmes to Business Winning (Sales, Strategy, Capture, Proposals, Pricing, Contracts, Mobilization, Marketing) and Leadership programmes, we have nurtured and mentored 1200 Professionals (480 Furlough and Redundant Professionals) in the past 2 years alone, sharing $62,000 worth of scholarships.


Drop us a line at to discuss your team well-being needs.

What's Popping?

Facilities Management sector is very diverse and transitioning with many new contracts being won by the top companies and new appointments taking place. It is necessary to keep a track and stay updated. We provide you with the top 3 Pick every week and OUR CAPTURE BOT can automatically pull competitor and customer intelligence. Drop us a line –

New Tool

New Return on Workplace Investment tool could put value of strategic workplace & facilities management beyond doubt

Read More

UK Updates

Levelling up across the NHS Workforce Read More

New Achievement

Profit rise of 92% reported by real estate businesses Read More

Micro Certifications

Account Management

Account Management is the heart of every business. It is more a relationship than a task. Having a good relation with your accounts will help you manage them well.   Get to know  some important  techniques and advices on how to manage your accounts sensibly through this Micro Certification Masterclass on Account Management. Have a good time!

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