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NPS Process

The NPS Survey Methodology Once you’ve received contact information for key stakeholders at the account and you have made them aware

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Impact of COVID-19 in UK FM Market

The effects of COVID-19 will lead to an inevitable slowdown in M&A activity in the immediate term. In connection with both existing deals and new deals, there will be critical questions around target valuations, which will require the parties to be flexible about purchase price and structure.

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What is NPS?

In order to grow profitably and sustainably, you need a strong customer base that will remain loyal, spend more over

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UK Retail Sector

Digitisation: Various retailers are rapidly scaling their digital operations, such as adding more delivery slots, entering new markets and in some cases, introducing new e-commerce services to maintain competitive edge. Majority of UK consumers consider buying from brands that are more transparent regarding their environmental footprint.

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