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Be boring and survive the Covid19 environment

When it comes to business, familiarity works in a simple way.  Do you know where your FM revenue is going to come into the COVID environment? We quietly published our report on the UK FM market overview in the covid19 environment.  Click here to view report This is not a qualitative

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Summer Economic Update – Baachu Detailed

Security & Home Affairs Sector Court modernisation – The Government will invest £102 million to modernise the court estate in England and Wales. This will include £55 million for essential court maintenance, £37 million for technology to fast-track the digitalisation of the courts, and £10 million for local regeneration projects

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Summer Economic Update: Baachu Summary

Key Points As part of today’s Summer Economic Update the Chancellor has made the following announcements. The full Plan for Jobs can be found here: Click Here House of Commons Library background briefing: Click Here   Employment Introduction of Job Retention Bonus. £1,000 paid for each employee who returns from

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Crisis Leadership Volume 6 – KPIs vs. Critical Drivers

Measuring is the only way to create sustainable business success. Sadly, most business leaders only measure the key performance indicators, or KPIs, such as Sales, Profits or Cash. There is no question that KPIs are powerful tools; however, KPIs are an autopsy… they tell you what has happened after the fact

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Crisis Leadership Volume 5 – Success Proposition

My experience is that when our sales are stagnant or our growth is lumpy, there is often a disconnect between what we believe our customers think is important and what our customers actually think is important.  Our customers are the exclusive decision makers on the definition of “success”. They do

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