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Stop guessing at what your Facilities Management Market wants…

The Institute of Government report published early this month, ranks which services have been outsourced successfully and which need reform. The Report finds that outsourcing waste collection, cleaning, catering,  FM, BPO Services has delivered significant savings and benefits to citizens.

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Is it Time for a Market Correction in the Outsourcing Industry?

A key question rising from the smouldering ashes of Carillion, troubles in Kier and Interserve is “how many of the top government suppliers will exist in 2020?” There is no doubt that the market is stressed, and there is a palpable nervousness amongst debt and equity investors, industry leaders and leaders in government. 

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Proactive vs Reactive Growth strategies for Facilities Leaders

The idea of having a proactive business strategy is a positive one in many different areas. In the bidding world, an increasing number of businesses are changing the way they do business, including preparing proposals that are proactive to help them increase their win percentage in a shorter period of time.

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Is your FM Company built to succeed?

In our companion articles we considered the questions ‘Does your Facilities Management (FM) business have growth clarity?’ and ‘How do you stand out in the FM market in 2019-20 and beyond?.

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