Can RICS Membership boost your career in Built Environment, Real Estate and Facilities Management ?

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

RICS membership is recognised worldwide as an international standards for professionals in real estate and built environment.

RICS credentials also demonstrate high ethical standards, and a commitment to CPD as you develop technical and professional knowledge and capability. RICS membership is a symbol of your status within the industry, commanding respect from clients and peers.

There are more than 125,000 professionals around the globe who have attained RICS status. The networking opportunities this represents enables professionals to strengthen business connections, gain greater insight to new ideas and best practices.

Here is the breakdown

by RICS status and compared to non-qualified professionals:
(PQ = Part Qualified)

Overall, the average RICS qualified salary is £48,600 in the UK. This compares to the average non-qualified salary of £35,000 – an uplift of around 38%.

No matter the stage of your career, there is a route for you to become RICS qualified. You may be an industry leader, an experienced professional, or you may have only recently gained an accredited degree.

Proving Competency for RICS

To become RICS qualified, you must demonstrate that you have the technical competencies and business skills needed in your role. The competencies are defined at three levels and across three categories.

The competency levels are designed to ensure you attain competency in a logical and progressive way:

  • Level 1 covers knowledge and understanding
  • Level 2 covers the application of your knowledge
  • Level 3 ensures that you provide reasoned advice and implement technical knowledge effectively

These competencies are measured across the following categories:

  • Mandatory skills are common to all pathways. These skills are personal, interpersonal, professional practice, and business skills.
  • Core technical skills cover the primary skills of your chosen pathway.
  • Optional technical skills are additional skills required for your chosen pathway (see more below).


RICS Membership Overview

Stepping up into RICS is probably the most beneficial career. Each level of qualification is an extra level of endorsement of your professionalism, capability, knowledge, and value to an employer.

As an AssocRICS, MRICS, or FRICS, you join an elite group of professionals in a global network. Your ability to work to the highest international standards will be recognised by employers. Your ethics, capabilities, and dedication to continuing improvement will be rewarded with real-world salary increases as well as opportunities for career advancement.

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