Navigating the ever-changing terrain successfully as an FM SME?

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

2018 -19 has exposed a long-standing truth about the outsourcing industry, with the collapse of Carillion and the mounting problems at Capita. Depending on your disposition, this could either spell catastrophe or opportunity.


Will you team with other small player and emerge onto the big players stage?

Will you show agility and speed and reorient your strategy towards exploiting the opportunities, or pivot the pain into profit?

Or will you simply cross your fingers, shut your eyes and hope for the best?

Whatever the response at Baachu we delight in partnering with SME’s and enabling them to stretch their limits and over achieve  beyond their perceived potential.

We offer a four-part solution

  • The Data: Baachu Rain Database is a strategic pipeline tool with over 10000 opportunities with dashboard analytics and reporting; this give you the competitive edge to create instant pipeline in line with your strategy.
  • The Strategy: Extending data to insights and competitive market assessment giving you greater confidence in whichever strategy you pursue – organic through tenders or acquistion
  • The Mindset: All the gear and no idea? We help you ensure that your strategic goals become reality by equipping your team with right mindset around bidding sustainably, the know-how on leveraging any and all relationships, and equipping them with the mindset to win.
  • The Learning in real time: The bidding landscape changes constantly, and what worked yesterday may not work today. Our learning platform- Baachu Scribble, with partnership with Shipley, BD Institute and APMP and being UK Apprenticeship Training Provider ensures that your training support program move at the speed of innovation. You can benefit from 20+ strategic bidding best practice benchmarking tools covering capabilities in leadership & people, process, technology, proposal and capture.

Not sure what you need? Never worry we also have a diagnostics team who can help you figure it all out. For more information email hello

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