RAIN Challenge – Build your Sales pipeline with upto 250 immediate and short-term opportunities in 7 days or less!

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

Are up for the RAIN Challenge. We’ve created a fun game to build or boost your pipeline! We will be giving away prizes and awards. It’s going to be so much fun!

The Criteria :

Rain Challenge will only be open to 12 FM companies. Your business turnover should be less than £50m and you should have a atleast 3 Sales/Bid Managers generating growth for your business.

If you are then let’s, get ready to build some pipeline!!

We will open our database for 7 days. Your challenge is to work through our database and highlight the best possible opportunities ( upto 250) in your chose sectors. With 10000+ opportunities and with over 25 FM markets to choose from, you will be loaded with options..

Here’s the deal…

The 7-day Rain challenge only has 3 steps.

Step #1: Pick your sector – Public or Private

Step #2: Search your opportunities by sector, year or service line or any parameters

Step #3: Choose your favourites

Demonstrate Why the chosen opportunities are best suited for your company in 3 slides sharing your current win rate.

Simply, you pick the type of database that lists all the opportunities in your chosen sector, search, qualify and bid to win and watch sales come in over the next 12 months!

You can always perform all the three steps in one day!

Are you ready for the RAIN game!

Suggested schedule

Day 1 – CHOOSE – Subscribe to ‘Public Sector’ or ‘Private Sector’ data, Set up your profile

Day 2 – ACCESS – Get unlimited access to 10000+ opportunities for a period of 7 days

Day 3 – SEARCH – Search the database using any keyword

Day 4 – FAVOURITES –  Mark relevant opportunities as ‘Favourite’.

Day 5 – REVIEW and FINALISE – Carefully review and finalize a maximum of 250 opportunities from your favourites list.

Day 6 – HIGHLIGHT – Highlight your chosen opportunities with 3 slide justification- Your pipeline is ready!

Day 7 – NOTIFY – Email hello@baachu.com with subject line Challenge Complete attaching your spreadsheet and download.

Watch the space. RAIN GAME will begin soon…. Secure your place – email with subject line: rain challenge to hello@baachu.com

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