WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN – Be part of UKs first ever BD Benchmark study

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

Past 3 years, I am collaborating with BD Institute (not for profit organisation based in Phoenix, Arizona). I have been using Business Development Capability Maturity Model (BD- CMM) standard with 10+ clients in improving their strategy and business development capability.  BD institute have run benchmarks in the USA and selected global clients for the past 10 years.

BD-Institute “Benchmark Study” is a wide-ranging look at best practices and outcomes in current business-development and enterprise-sales organizations. It targets participation from large and small companies in the USA across different markets to provide a meaningful view of today’s state of the art in winning business.

At the back of BSA report findings, Big 4 profit warnings, Brexit and now new general elections, I see many companies restructuring their business functions.  For the very first time in UK, Baachu in partnership with BD Institute will be launching the Benchmark Study 2017 for outsourcing providers in the UK

Specific goals include:

  • Understand how business-development organisations operate most effectively
  • Benchmark outcomes in government facing and business-to-business selling environments
  • Compare performance outcomes among various types and sizes of companies in diverse markets and world geographies
  • Investigate current trends and emerging challenges to business-winning teams
  • Characterise the impact of business winning maturity on how well companies perform and adapt to changing markets

What are the benefits of participating in the benchmark study?

The key benefit to study participants is the opportunity to compare their business development operation with others, many of whom are industry leaders. Participants receive free copies of the study summary and are invited to share in one of several open webinars made available specifically for study participants.


Tentative Study Outline

  1. Demographics of Participant Companies
  2. Business Development Environments
  3. Organizational Performance Metrics
  4. Special Areas of Investigation
  • Multi-Country, Cross Cultural Strategies
  • Automation and Collaboration Tools
  • Integration of Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Pricing
  • Knowledge Management Systems
  1. Organizational Maturity Context

Study Milestones

  1. Launch Survey – 5 June 2017
  2. Close Survey Website – 14 Jul 2017
  3. Publish Final Report – 04 Sep 2017
  4. Brief Study Participants – 15-30 Sep 2017

Frequently asked questions

How will the study be conducted?

A: The study will be conducted in the form of an online survey. Participants will receive a link to the survey website and be able to complete the questionnaire independently.

How long will it take for participants to complete the survey?

The survey comprises approximately 50 multiple-choice questions, each of which is accompanied by an optional comment field. It should take ~45 minutes to complete the questionnaire, although some questions may require a participant to access internal resources. Accordingly, the survey software allows one to stop and restart data entry without losing information already input

How will study outcomes be reported and shared?

Primary reporting will be accomplished in a published document. However, a series of webinars will be used to brief participants on both general findings and those specific to their competitive environments. In addition, findings may be presented at relevant conferences.

If you would like to understand how BD- CMM standard can be used to continuously improve your win rate please contact – baskar@baachu.com

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