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How Big is UK Facilities Management Market?

What if you have a tool to help solve that problem….

The Power of Research

Market sizing & forecasting - Quantitative analysis of FM industry sectors and long-range segment level forecasting, including detailed assumptions & market segmentation

Trend monitoring and analysis – Detailed monitoring and assessment of FM industry segments, providing context and impact of relevant industry events

Bid & Commercial Support – Detailed capture analysis, partner assessments and commercial models for strategic bids

Competitive intelligence – Detailed assessment and analysis of competitors and market direction requirements, including top line due diligence

10+ Pipeline Generation Projects for UK Facilities Management Strategic Suppliers

Are you just reacting to OJEUs and cold calling prospects?

Over 85% of the Facilities Services market is already outsourced…

Gather the business intelligence and empowering FM Sales/Business Development professionals to convert more prospects into projects – Guaranteed!

How Resilient is your 2020 Pipeline?

Introducing detailed FM Market Analysis

Facilities Management Market Insights

Innovations, Technology & Trends Impacting the FM Sector

From the top-down, these are the sexy things larger FM teams like to talk about. Smaller organizations will probably focus on budget tools and how to get more with less. Workflow and automation based on certain types of criteria could also be something that would move the needle with that group.

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  • How Big is Global Facilities Management Market?
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