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Mid Week Update – WHAT’s ON MY MIND from Baskar Sundaram

Baskar Sundaram

I’ve always been interested in business organisation and structure, especially organizations that provide learning and transformation. Since we founded Baachu over 7 years ago, I’ve looked to these organisations for examples of how to keep clients coming back.

One that I always look back to and that I was a part of myself is the Boy Scouts, which I participated in from the age of 10 till about 13. I loved being a Boy Scout, and I still have the Handbook For Boys that I received when I became a Scout. Recently I interviewed CEO of Scouts, Matt Hyde, Listen Here: Baachu Talk – Episode 23- Matt Hyde –

What I see when I look at the Boy Scouts is an organisation that wants to keep its members engaged and growing over a long period of time, learning fundamental life skills that they can tap into throughout their lives.

That is exactly what I envisioned when I founded Baachu. But how do you create an organisation, especially one like ours based on a learning process, that will have longevity? More important, how do you keep clients coming back?

It comes down to three principles that I see as the foundation of a successful “learning” business that has built-in longevity:

  1. Make it about them, not you. Design your structure and process for the people going through it, not for yourself. If your goal is to do a great job of creating value for those who are paying to be in your organisation, then start with them as the organizing principle.
  2. Have a lasting impact. What we create at Baachu has to transform our client’s’ professional and personal lives when they leave their project or workshop. If we’re in touch with who they truly are in their businesses and personal lives and continually address that in a meaningful way, they will keep coming back.
  3. Give clients every reason to refer you. The experience our clients have at Baachu Ecosystem, and the results they achieve by using our thinking tools and strategies, has to create change and progress in their businesses and lives that far exceeds what they thought possible. They’ll want to tell every leader who is important to them that Baachu would be a great experience for them too.

These are the three business principles we’ve based the Baachu structure and organisation on, and it’s amazing to me still how closely they mesh with those of the Boy Scouts organisation I experienced and admired in my youth—and how well they work, year after year.

Thank you for all the love and support., 

Stay Healthy and Keep Inspiring,

Baskar Sundaram 

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