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Explore Unmatched Expertise in PFI/PPP Project Management

Discover a wealth of experience and proven proficiency in PFI/PPP projects with our dedicated team. We take pride in showcasing significant expertise, specifically in maximizing the whole life value of projects, providing comprehensive asset management advice, and delivering unwavering support. Our extensive whole life/life cycle costing project experience spans a diverse range of projects, encompassing critical elements of hard FM best practices. Anchored in the fundamental need for robust asset data, we consistently deliver excellence at every stage.
At the bid stage, we offer invaluable life cycle costing support to numerous projects. Our approach involves developing and refining detailed models based on design and specification details, aligning them with estimated replacement costs and anticipated life expectancies for systems, assets, and components over an extensive 25 to 60-year assessment period.
Furthermore, our team excels in generating updated life cycle profiles and forward maintenance plans derived from outputs of asset and condition surveys conducted by our proficient surveyors and collaborators. As a testament to our commitment, we assist clients in effectively managing life cycle risks and annual expenditures. Our development of life cycle management tools allows for a meticulous comparison of contractual, actual, and predicted future expenditures throughout the contract duration. This empowers our clients to continually review and manage their overall multi- project life-cycle management risk and opportunities.

Experience a new level of precision and foresight in PFI/PPP project management with our
unparalleled expertise. Let us be your trusted partner in achieving optimal whole life value for your

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Case Study

Baachu was enlisted to provide comprehensive lifecycle cost reports for several prisons under one of Serco's Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contracts. The task was executed against stringent contractual requirements, with strict timelines and significant penalties set for failure to meet the deliverables.

Our Strategic Approach:

Our team conducted on-site visits to multiple prisons across the UK, undertaking a thorough asset condition exercise. This involved assessing the age and condition of major assets within the scope of the lifecycle requirements. Following the on-site surveys, we performed a desktop exercise to cost the lifecycle elements for each asset type, whether replacement or refurbishment. The broader asset management exercise also considered whole life cost options for procuring assets designed for better control, lower energy consumption, environmentally friendly disposal, and more efficient maintenance regimes. This approach provided alternative capital cost assets and enhanced whole life cost, compliant asset replacement strategies, along with improved energy consumption across each site.

The Successful Outcome:

The initial output reports underwent rigorous scrutiny by the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), challenging the logic supporting the data and assumptions of replacement frequencies. Two years into the contract, Baachu is conducting additional lifecycle surveys to update the contractual whole life cost model. With each update, the refined asset data and insights into maintenance issues contribute to an improved and well-informed lifecycle model. This, in turn, facilitates enhanced procurement decisions and more detailed considerations for overall energy management.
Director, The Serco Lifecycle ooo

The Serco Lifecycle Director expressed satisfaction with the lifecycle reports, highlighting their appreciation for the ability to robustly incorporate the rationale behind lifecycle decisions. This ongoing collaboration underscores Baachu's commitment to delivering valuable insights and strategic guidance in optimizing facility management for Serco's PFI contracts.

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