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An Exclusive Community For Facilities Services Leaders Who Are Willing to Develop Skills, Expand Network, And Re-imagine Experiences

This is your chance to join a community focused on growing...

(Just £20/month or £195/year)

At Baachu, We Believe In Coming Together

As professionals and leaders who unsure and are all just starting out and finding ways to learn, grow and better ourselves… we welcome you to be a part of  Baachu Circle.

Inside Baachu Circle, business owners, professionals and  leaders can all come together to meet and support each other, get answers to crucial questions in minutes, learn from industry experts, participate in challenges, identify the right tool or vendor for any job, and more.


There are always things happening around us that constantly affect us. We are often left feeling alone, confused and hesitant. 

We feel inadequate and doubtful about how to tackle the problems we face. With the pandemic life as we knew it completely shifted. Business environments changed. Even basic human interaction and communication have been irrevocable changed.


With these changes happening quickly around us, how can one feel prepared?

There is never a sure-fire way to solve all problems. We are all aware that we don’t always have the answer and we don’t know it all.


Every single day we face a number of challenges from personal to professional but how many people in our lives can relate to us?


Wouldn’t it be great to find a community of like-minded individuals we could connect with and also support each other as we learn and grow together?


We at Baachu believe in learning, growing and excelling together.


That is why we created this community.

Introducing “Baachu Circle”

At Baachu, we’re creating a platform for…

…a community of Facilities and Workplace leaders who are committed to growing themselves and their teams.

…a community of entrepreneurial leaders ready, willing, and able to support other entrepreneurial leaders.

…a community where ego is banished, and sharing is celebrated.

…a community where you can be respected for who you are as a person, leader and manager. 

And above all else…

A community that will come together to share their views, thoughts and support one another through the various changes happening around the world.


Baachu Circle is a private community exclusively created for FM Services  professionals, scale-focused entrepreneurs, industry leaders who are motivated by results, committed to growth through community, willing to do the work and support others, and eager to predictably scale their business


If you are someone feeling stuck and lost, we want you to join us.

If you are looking for ways to learn, grow and stay connected, we want you to join us.

(Just £20/month or £195/year)

"Alone, we can do so little
Together, we can do so much."

End of the day, each one of us craves human connection and interaction. But we have created a competitive environment and often times we find ourselves accountable to certain standards and goals. We are forced to rely on ourselves and figure out things alone.


Through Baachu Circle we want to change all these notions and create a virtual platform where the entire community is at your doorstep.


We want to create a space where you can be open, ask questions without judgement, share stories that are personal and professional,  and admit when you feel lost and clueless. 


Ultimately we want to create a safe haven for you to be YOURSELF.


To create a community that will work together, be ready, willing and able to help one another we have created a list of our “Core Values”. 


Take a look at our principles which will act as a guiding light to our community.

1. Community Comes FIRST

This is a focused environment, driven by our members, to accelerate growth and networking. 

2. A Safe And Kind Space

Baachu Circle is a safe haven to ask questions, experiment with ideas, get feedback, and generally learn and grow without fear of judgment or rejection. 

3. Trust Is The Foundation

Baachu Circle members act above reproach with transparent relationships built on integrity and respect.

Learn. Grow. Excel.

Knowledge is power but knowledge combined with shared experience and connection is the key to success. Baachu Circle is the ideal platform to achieve this.


This is a social platform where professionals and leaders come to grow in their careers and businesses. This is where they stay to discover new strategies while continuing to grow both personally and professionally. This growth is supported by forging relationships built on trust and respect. Our community is a way to unlock and reach your full potential.

What Can Members Do?

We are creating a community catered towards entrepreneurs, leaders, Bid and Proposal professionals and FM manufacturers. It is a community for people coming from various industries and types of businesses.  This is a unique and exclusive community created for people who are willing to grow and share. The possibilities for growth are brought to your fingertips through Baachu Circle through the following ways:

Find The Answers You Were Looking For

Get The Required Support

Recommendation and Feedback

Many Ways To Grow

Last But Not The Least...

This community is member-focused. It is tailored for YOU and driven by YOU. We have strived to build a community that best serves the interests, needs, and wants of our members…but that doesn’t mean we’re done developing. Baachu Circle is growing and evolving, much like its members. So are you ready to be part of us?

How Can You Join Us?

Baachu Circle is a private community, therefore, there is a small qualification process involved. We require a short application just to make sure that it’s a mutually good fit and that our community can truly help you.


Your application will be reviewed within 72 hours, and if accepted, you’ll receive a formal invitation to join Baachu Circle.


We require a modest £20/month to ensure you’re committed to being a part of a community that engages, grows, and flourishes.


Growth starts with commitment and money paid is a form of commitment. Our community is built around people who are willing to set aside their time to engage and support one another.


This requires commitment, openness and willingness. Worried about whether this community is the right fit for you?


Let’s find out!

It’s right for you if…

It’s not right for you if…

Feel Like It’s Right For You?

This is great news! Join us with 3 simple steps:


  1. Complete the application: Click the button below to access our simple application. It’s short and is there to make sure there is a mutually good fit in the community. We just want to make sure that Baachu Circle is a valuable asset to you and your business.
  2. Wait for approval: We individually review each application in the order they are submitted. Typically this process takes less than 24 hours, but please allow up to 72 hours for review and approval.
  3. Accept your invitation: If your application is approved, you’ll receive an invite to join Baachu Circle via email. It will contain your special link to join.

(Just £20/month or £195/year)

Still Have Questions?

Our member pricing is £195/year or £20/month. Members can cancel their subscription at any time.

Not at all. Your invite will be available for a limited time once approved. If you decide at that point Baachu Circle isn’t right for you, just ignore your invitation. Just be cool and don’t apply if you aren’t serious about joining…our team spends a lot of time reviewing each application.

There are many different tech and tools available for creating a virtual community these days. We decided to choose as the best platform for us. (Hence the name Baachu Circle) Circle is a perfect cross between Facebook groups, and LinkedIn…which are platforms most members are already familiar with, hence, making it easy to use, great for networking, and a central hub for everything you need to know.

Baachu Circle is a private, members-only community. Unlike other courses and programs available for purchase, Baachu Circle requires an application approval to join. With that comes direct access to our Founder Baskar Sundaram.

Yep! We give all our members a 30-day free look, so if you get in and decide it’s not a fit, just let us know and we’ll get you a refund. We don’t think that will be an issue, but we also don’t need $20 that badly. 🙂

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