A Community For Facilities Services Entrepreneurs & Industry Leaders Who Are Willing to Develop Skills, Expand Network, And Re-imagine the experiences

No Idea What You’re Doing... Even better! You are in..

(Just £20/month or £195/year)

At Baachu, We Call Ourselves, “Reluctant Entrepreneurs”

As reluctant or accidental entrepreneur leaders, we don’t have formal business training. We are inventors, we are creators, we are servants…we are “The Collective”.

Inside The Collective, business owners or leaders like you come together to meet & support each other, get answers to crucial questions in minutes, learn from industry experts, participate in monthly challenges, identify the right tool or vendor for any job, and more.

Loneliness. Hesitation. Inadequacy. Doubt. Covid19 business environment is very different! 

The fear of being “found out” ..not as capable or smart as others see you to be.You’re only successful because of “dumb luck”. These are all lies we tell ourselves on a regular basis…also known as “Imposter Syndrome”. 

Why? We believe because as entrepreneurs or leaders we didn’t set out to build a business. We simply saw a need and filled it. We scratch our own itch. And next thing we know our little “side project” or career shift turned into a “real business”.

So we’re afraid to admit we don’t always have the answer. To admit we don’t know what to do next. To admit we don’t know it all.

Entrepreneurial leaders battle these struggles every day and we believe it’s time for those days to come to an end.

Hi, My name is Baskar Sundaram and I’m an “Reluctant Entrepreneur”.

My partners and I have been entrepreneurs for well over a decade and started 3 companies from scratch, funded (or acquired) a few more, and directly advised hundreds of CEOs, Revenue Leaders and entrepreneurs on how to grow and scale their companies.

And for the longest time we weren’t willing to admit we didn’t know it all…we felt like imposters.

Most days bring a number of difficult challenges, and for the longest time we didn’t have many people in our lives that could relate to what we were going through.

We were making money…what possible problems could we have?

So we set out to find a community of like minded individuals we could connect with and support each other as we learn and grow together.

But we never found what we we’re looking for…

So we created it.

Introducing “The Collective”

At Baachu, we’re building a community…

…a community of FM entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to admit that they don’t know it all.

…a community of Facilities and Workplace leaders who are committed to growing themselves and their teams.

…a community where ego is banished, and sharing is celebrated.

…a community of accidental entrepreneurial leaders ready, willing, and able to support other accidental entrepreneurial leaders.

…a community where you can be respected for who you are, but not left where you are.

And above all else…

A community that will band together to eradicate Entrepreneurial Leader Imposter Syndrome once and for all.

The Collective is our private community for scale-focused entrepreneurs, Industry leaders and CEOs motivated by results, committed to growth through community, willing to do the work and support others, and eager to predictably scale their business.

If you’re a ambitious leader, I want you to join us.

If you feel stuck, or trapped in “no man’s land,” I want you to join us.

And if you (like me) have ever felt unworthy to run your own company, I want you to join us.

(Just £20/month or £195/year)

Be Respected For Who You Are,
But Not Left Where You Are.

There’s a word not often associated with Entrepreneurs & CEOs…humility. Instead, we see a culture of “know-it-alls” who boast, brag, and can’t admit when they are wrong.

In The Collective, it’s a requirement that we all check out egos at the door.

A haven where we can be open, ask questions without judgement (no matter how dumb we may think they are), share our successes AND failures, admit when we don’t know something, and ultimately be respected for exactly who we are…

But as a community we will work together being ready, willing, and able to help one another to ensure we aren’t left where we are.

In fact, we take this so seriously, here is a look at our “Core Values”…the principles that are the guiding light for our group.

1. Community-First... NOT Content-First

No fluff content here. This is a focused environment, driven by our members, to accelerate growth and networking.

2. No Jerks Allowed

Seriously. The Collective is a safe place to ask questions, experiment with ideas, get feedback, and generally learn and grow without fear of judgment or rejection.

3. Trust Is The Foundation Upon Which Everything Else Is Built

The Collective members act above reproach with transparent relationships built on integrity and respect.

4. What Happens In The Collective, Stays In The Collective

While that may sound a little cliché, it’s important. “Ripping off” others ideas will not be tolerated. We’re a community with open, transparent sharing and we protect that at all costs. Taking someone else’s ideas and pilfering it for your own gain will result in immediate removal.

Knowledge Is Handy…But Knowledge Alone Is Not Power.

The biggest breakthroughs come when knowledge is combined with connections, and that’s exactly what The Collective is all about: Knowledge + Experience + Connections.

This is where serious entrepreneurs come to truly scale their companies and it’s where they stay to discover new strategies, continue to grow their team and themselves, form lasting relationships built on trust, and reach their full potential.

Inside The Collective

Entrepreneurship & Leadership is lonely, and while there are communities for startups and masterminds for established businesses, there isn’t a true community for reluctant entrepreneurs or leaders. Which is why we’ve put together a unique community experience geared just for you.

Inside The Collective you’ll see our mission come to life through 4 core pillars.

Get Critical Questions Answered in a Matter of Minutes...Not Days.

Get Support and Accountability When You Need It.

Identify the Right Tool or Vendor For Any And Every Job.

Slay Imposter Syndrome and Know You're Not Alone.

We saved the most important for last…

This community is tailored for YOU and driven by YOU. We’ve worked with industry experts and fellow entrepreneurs to build a community that best serves the interests, needs, and wants of our members…but that doesn’t mean we’re done developing.

As The Collective grows, its future and success will be shaped by members just like you!

Membership Qualifications

“The Collective” is a private community and we require a short application just to ensure that it’s a mutually good fit and that we can truly help you.

Your application will be reviewed within 72 hours, and if accepted, you’ll receive a formal invitation to join “The Collective”.

We require a modest £20/month to ensure you’re committed to making this a community that engages, grows, and flourishes.

Humans show commitment in two ways: time and money…and busy entrepreneurs aren’t likely to give you their time until they FIRST give you some of their money.

So, if we’re going to have a truly engaged community, we need to charge admission…or as we say, put your money where your mouth is 

Now, let’s see if it’s a good fit for you!

It’s right for you if…

It’s not right for you if…

Feel Like It’s Right For You?

Fantastic! Here’s how to join…

  1. Complete the application: Click the button below to access our simple application. It’s short and is there to make sure there is a mutually good fit in the community. We want to make sure The Collective is a valuable asset to you and your business.
  2. Wait for approval: We individually review each application in the order they are submitted. Typically this process takes less than 24 hours, but please allow up to 72 hours for review and approval.
  3. Accept your invitation: If your application is approved, you’ll receive an invite to join The Collective via email. It will contain your special link to join.

(Just £20/month or £195/year)

Still Have Questions?

Our member pricing is ₤195/year or ₤20/month. Members can cancel their subscription at any time.

Not at all. Your invite will be available for a limited time once approved. If you decide at that point The Collective isn’t right for you, just ignore your invitation. Just be cool and don’t apply if you aren’t serious about joining…our team spends a lot of time reviewing each application.

Everyone has their own preference for tech and tools. We spent a LOT of time researching various membership platforms and decided Circle.so was the best fit. Circle is a perfect cross between Slack, Facebook groups, and LinkedIn…making it easy to use, great for networking, and a central hub for everything you need to know.

The Collective is a private, members-only community. Unlike other courses and programs available for purchase, The Collective requires an application approval to join. With that comes direct access to our Founder Baskar Sundaram.

Yep! We give all our members a 30-day free look, so if you get in and decide it’s not a fit, just let us know and we’ll get you a refund. We don’t think that will be an issue, but we also don’t need $20 that badly. 🙂

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