Insufficient Pipeline in your CRM? Identify Opportunities and boost your sales pipeline with Baachu Rain

Baachu Rain is more than just data. It represents 15 years of bidding expertise and strategic growth consulting it fuses targeted public and private sector opportunities with the training to make the most of every opportunity. RAIN is built on AI based crawling and analytics tools scanning 100+ sources to gather market, customer and competitor intelligence to help you win business – we provide public and private sector contracts, stakeholders and award notices, renewal and new bids , framework leads with the addition of insightful market and competitor information that gives you first-mover advantage.

How can Baachu RAIN help your business?

Baachu Rain tracks both public and private sources into an extremely valuable opportunity database. This enables businesses to discover the list of outsourced FM tenders, services tendered, who runs the contract, duration of the contract and the value of the tender. With Baachu RAIN, FM Services Providers and Buyers can now access the intelligence to build and test their short-term strategy and boost their pipeline in as little 1 week. Finding tendering opportunities in the public and private sector starts with having access to the right intelligence, and being able to make smarter, faster and more informed decisions. Opportunities entered into the RAIN database are divided into their principle fields so that when published in a document or on the website, each part is clearly visible and labelled accordingly. These parts include client contact names, market sector information, service descriptions, award value, contract length, annual contract value, contract name and date of award.

What is the data coverage of RAIN?

Our research team is based throughout UK, Europe and USA and seeking business leads. RAIN provides coverage of all opportunities published by the local, provincial and national government, and private sector companies. The sources used to acquire and research opportunities include: local and national newspapers; government, public and private web-sites, and direct contact with local and national government bodies and private businesses.

What are the business services does RAIN cover?

Rain opportunities (circa 11000+) are categorised into - Building Maintenance, Security, Cleaning, Catering, specialist services, Hard FM, Soft FM and IFM thereby helping you to segment your market into your expertise

  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Property Management
  • Office & Commercial Buildings
  • Residential
  • Care Homes
  • Universities
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • IT & Telecoms 
  • Media
  • Automobile 
  • Leisure
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Retail
  • Law & Order
  • Financial Services 
  • Emergency Services 
  • Energy
  • CCS Frameworks
  • Local Councils
  • NHS
  • Housing
  • Defence
  • Utilities
  • Transport
  • Aviation
  • Private Healthcare
  • Real Estate & Transaction Management 
  • Local & Devolved Regions 
  • Scotland, Wales, England 
  • UK Wide 
  • Europe (France, Germany, Holland, Spain)
  • USA

What does RAIN offer to CEOs, MDs and Sales and Marketing Directors?

RAIN offers an updated catalogue of all the outsourced opportunities listed by sector. But RAIN offers the user more than just data.

We at Baachu believe

Targeted Data + Proven Bidding Systems = Massive Success

Getting access to the right opportunities at the right time would definitely put your business one step ahead, but with the knowledge of how to use this advantage, you can accelerate your business growth exponentially.

30+ Sales Pipeline Booster Projects for UK & Europe Facilities Management Strategic Suppliers

Based on your growth needs, RAIN offers 3 engagements:

One off Pipeline Booster

Choose your sectors Public or Private domain, pay online. We will build your business pipeline in in a week from our 11000+ FM opportunity database

Rain Annual Subscription

Choose this option to get access to FM opportunities plus get notified of fresh opportunities as and when we update our database. And as a bonus, you also get FREE training to build your pipeline and win more bids.

6-month strategic retainer

Baachu partners with you for 6 months - review your strategic plan, access your proposal, people, and bid process capabilities, boost your pipeline and growth capabilities and train your team. Yes, we build your business pipeline and become your trusted advisor!


The United Kingdom is one of the largest markets for facility management services in Europe in terms of maturity and sophistication. The market is highly competitive as well, owing to the presence of several organized players and strong presence of top global companies, such as Mitie, ISS, Sodexo, CBRE, JLL among others.

The market has been valued at USD 63.97 billion in 2020 by Mordor Intelligence. Frost & Sullivan estimates the UK FM Industry revenues to be $43 Billion. As per our database the overall FM market in the UK stands at £107.2 billion in TCV. The public sector contributes 59% while the private sector contributes 41%. Among the service types Hard & Soft FM Contributed almost equally at 36% & 35% respectively. The integrated services contributed with 29%. Local government authorities were the lead buyers in the overall stack with 19% of value contribution followed by Central Government and Office both at 14% each.

For details, Read the free  Summary report. 

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