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Hard FM Services Market – UK Market Size, Market Segmentation, Top FM Services Providers, Key contracts, Risks, Trends and Opportunities,Technology, Wellbeing & Workplace Impact

Executive Summary

Hard FM services are the services that cannot be removed from the premises and are directly related to the fabric of the building. These services ensure that the health, safety and welfare of employees are adhered to and most of these are required by law. Hard FM Services include but are not limited to Lighting, Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, Building Maintenance and Fire Safety systems.


Baachu through this report on Hard FM services provides a glimpse of this market and its share in the overall FM Market.

As per the contract database available with Baachu, Hard FM Services contribute to 36% of the overall FM Market in UK with a Total contract value of £39.2 billion for services that include Construction works, Repair & Maintenance, Refurbishment and M&E.


The report is unique and different from other market reports on similar topic for its treatment of the subject with real contracts and their tender value. The report complements other market reports and can be used in combination to make it a potent usable information tool for FM stakeholders.


The report is recommended to all FM stakeholders in general and FM supplier community of Hard FM services in particular.


Key Highlights:

The Hard Facility Management (Hard FM) Services market in the UK primarily involves physical aspects such as HVAC, electrical works, plumbing, fire safety, and building repairs. This market is vital for maintaining the structural integrity and functionality of facilities.


The Hard FM services sector, including aspects like electrical, HVAC, and plumbing, is projected to grow from $17.3 billion in 2023 to approximately $18.7 billion by 2027, indicating a CAGR of 1.97%.


Market Growth: Growth in the Hard FM market is being driven by the increasing adoption of smart buildings and a growing focus on sustainability and efficient energy management.

  • Energy Management: With the increased focus on sustainability and reducing carbon footprint, there is a growing demand for energy management services within Hard FM. Service providers who can offer energy-efficient solutions stand to gain a competitive edge.
  • Smart Buildings & IoT: The rise of smart buildings, powered by Internet of Things (IoT), is opening new avenues for Hard FM service providers. These smart buildings require specialized maintenance and management services, creating new opportunities in the Hard FM market.
  • COVID-19 Impact: The pandemic has caused substantial disruption to the Hard FM services market, with widespread office and retail closures. However, as the economy recovers, so does the demand for Hard FM services.
  • Construction Industry: The UK construction industry, contributing about 7% to the GDP, directly influences the demand for Hard FM services. Commercial and social construction amounts to approximately 45% of the output, creating significant demand.
  • Smart Buildings: The rise of smart buildings, which enhance the customer experience for employees and provide valuable data-driven insights, is a notable trend influencing demand for Hard FM services.


Table of Contents

Comprehensive Analysis: Our report goes beyond surface-level analysis, diving into the annual value of tenders issued and awarded in the FM industry, encompassing both government and private sectors. We provide a breakdown by market sector, including Health, Central Government, Local Government, Universities, Schools, Colleges, Office & Commercial Buildings, Pharma, Manufacturing, Retail, and Leisure. Additionally, our report segments the market by service, covering Hard FM and Specialized Services. This thorough analysis enables you to understand the current landscape and identify attractive growth opportunities.
The report broadly covers:

Key issues covered in this Report

  • Facility Management in UK – Market overview
  • Facility Management Market Segmentation in UK
  • Facility Management Sector definition
  • Facility Management definitions – Hard and Soft FM Service Types

Many research companies define and forecast UK Market Size based on their own economic models

  • Baachu – $48 Billion with 80% Data Robustness (excluding PFI, Projects & Additional Services)

UK FM Market – Contracts Monitored by Baachu since 2018 UK FM Market – Baachu Market Estimates

  • As per Baachu Bottom up analysis the UK Market Size is around $48.8 billion (USD) based on annual contract value
  • The estimate is based on 11,294 FM contracts from both Public & Private sector which we at Baachu monitor.
  •  We track 30+ publicly available sources to track “who is running what FM contract and when does it expire”. Wherever the information is not publicly available, we use median inputs as hypothesis for plugging gaps on Contract value and Contract Term.

UK FM Market – Public & Private Dissection. Based on Baachu Contracts

  • Outsourced FM Market in UK – Public and Private

UK FM Market – Service Type Split. Based on Baachu Contracts

  • Outsourced FM Market – By Service Type (Soft, Hard, Integrated, Framework)

Outsourced FM Market: Public Sector

  • Outsourced Public FM Market in UK – By Service

Outsourced FM Market: Private Sector

  • Outsourced Private FM Market in UK – By Service

UK FM Market – Sectoral Split. Based on Baachu Contracts

  • Outsourced FM Market – By Sector

Which Sector Procured Hard FM? Based on Baachu Contracts

  • UK FM Market by Stream – Hard FM
  • Specialised Hard & Soft Service Breakdown. Based on Baachu Contracts
    • UK FM Market Service Classification for Hard & Soft FM

About The Author

Baskar Sundaram

Baskar founded Baachu Rain in 2016 and directs the firm’s research strategy across all practice areas. He also leads the Facilities Management and Justice practice on an interim basis. Baskar has over fifteen years of experience in strategy consulting and research. He previously worked for Serco PLC. Baskar holds a MSc in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College London.

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