UK Facilities Management Market 2022 – 2025

Executive Summary

The United Kingdom is one of the largest markets for facility management services in Europe in terms of maturity and sophistication. The market is highly competitive owing to the presence of several organized players and strong presence of top global companies, such as Mitie, ISS, Sodexo, CBRE, JLL among others. It is a large market with some estimates putting the annual revenues in the vicinity of 40-45 Billion USD. As per Baachu Database, however, the total contract value remains in the range of £100 Billion for Contracts with terms ranging from one to 10 Years on an average.


In this Baachu report, you get an in-depth analysis of around 11000+ contracts with dissection covering

Table of Contents

Key issues covered in this Report


  • Facility Management in UK – Market overview
  • Facility Management Market Segmentation in UK
  • Facility Management Sector definition
  • Facility Management definitions – Hard and Soft FM Service Types

Key Trends in the FM Industry


  • Challenges ahead for FM Industry
  • Facility Management in UK – Pre and Post Covid
  • Emerging Challenges – Ukraine Conflict and Post Covid Scenario
  • Market saturation in the public sector

UK FM Market – Contracts Monitored by Baachu since 2018


  • UK FM Market – Overall Market Estimates
  • Figure 1: UK FM Market Public & Private Dissection – Based on Baachu Contracts
  • Figure 2: UK FM – Service Type Split; based on Baachu Contracts
  • Figure 3: Outsourced FM Market – Public Sector By Type
  • Figure 4: Outsourced FM Market – Private Sector By Type
  • Figure 5: Outsourced Public FM Market in UK – By Sector
  • Figure 6: Outsourced Private FM Market in UK – By Sector
  • Figure 7: UK FM Market – Sectoral Split; Based on Baachu Contracts
  • Figure 8: UK FM Market by Stream – Hard FM Services
  • Figure 9: UK FM Market by Stream – Soft FM Services
  • Figure 10: UK FM Market by Stream – Integrated FM
  • Figure 11: Specialized Hard & Soft Service Breakdown, Based on Baachu Contracts
  • Figure 12: Upcoming Opportunities 2023-25. Based on Baachu Contracts
  • Figure 13: Upcoming Opportunities 2023-25 – Sectoral Analysis, Based on Baachu Contracts (Contract Value)

Top 20 FM Companies


  • Relative Positioning of Leading UK FM Service Providers sub-contracted services, 2022-2026

Key vendor profile, which includes Business Overview, Market Strategy, Industries, Services offered, Geographic Presence


  • CBRE
  • Mitie
  • Sodexo
  • JLL
  • Cushman & Wakefield
  • Plc
  • G4S
  • ISS
  • Atalian Servest Global
  • Services
  • Compass Group

Research Framework

  • Stepwise Research Framework
  • Primary Research
  • Secondary Research


  UK Facility Management Market Overview Based on Other Market Estimate
  • Figure 14: Market Overview
  • Figure 15: Estimates by Type
  • Figure 16: Estimates by Sector
Outsourced FM Market in UK – Hard FM
  • Figure 17: Outsourced Hard FM Market in UK
Outsourced FM Market in UK – Soft FM
  • Figure 18: Outsourced Soft FM Market in UK
  • Figure 19: UK Facility Management Market, Revenue in USD Billion, by End-user, 2020-2027
Commercial Sector
  • Figure 20: UK Facility Management Market, Revenue in USD Billion,   Commercial Sector , 2020-2027
Institutional Sector
  • Figure 21: UK Facility Management Market, Revenue in USD Billion, Institutional sector, 2020-2027
Industrial Sector
  • Figure 22: UK Facility Management Market, Revenue in USD Billion, Industrial sector, 2020-2027
Other Sectors
  • Figure 23: UK Facility Management Market, Revenue in USD Billion, Other sectors, 2020-2027
  • Cost savings through ready-to-use subscriptions
  • FTE Framework
  • Efforts Framework
  • Project Based Engagement
  • Overall Outsourced Market for Public & Private
  • Soft, Hard and Integrated Market Segregation
  • Market sector Segmentation
  • Separate slicing for Public & Private for all above parameters
  • Top suppliers in each category
  • Forecast purely based on Contract renewals
  • Sectoral analysis of the business volumes
  • Expected Top Deals

This report is unique for its treatment of the growth aspect being based on the real contracts and their value. The report complements similar report from Frost & Sullivan as that report gives a glimpse of future growth based on revenues with a CAGR taken as the basis to arrive at revenue forecasts for subsequent years. Baachu report deals with consolidation in the FM industry through Mergers and acquisitions while other report talks about the role of technology that will shape the FM industry in next few years. We recommend Baachu report to all FM stakeholders even if you already have access to other reports like the F&S report as our report will complement these and augment your information quest.

Click here to download a sample report.

Comparison between Baachu And other reports

Product overview Baachu Mintel Frost & Sullivans
UK Facility Management Market Overview Yes Yes Yes
Key Trends and Challenges Yes Yes Yes
Covid -19 Market Context Yes Yes Yes
Market Segmentation (High level) Yes Yes Yes
11000+ Contracts monitored Yes
Overall Market Estimate Yes Yes Yes
Public Sector Dissection (6+ sub sectors detailed) Yes
Private Sector Dissection (5+ sub sectors detailed) Yes
Market Segmentation – TFM Yes
Hard FM Yes
Soft FM Yes
Market Segmentation – By Sector Yes Yes Yes
Commercial Sector Yes Yes Yes
Institutional Sector Yes Yes Yes
Public and Infrastructure Yes Yes Yes
Industrial Yes Yes Yes
Bottom up Analysis of 11+ Sectors (11000+ Contracts) Yes
Facility Management future opportunities 2023-2025 Yes Yes
Competitive Landscape Yes Yes Yes
List of top 20 companies Yes Yes Yes
Company profiles on Top 10 Companies Yes Only 5 Only 5
Facility Management Market Outlook Yes
Market Definitions Yes Yes Yes

About The Author

Baskar Sundaram

Baskar founded Baachu Rain in 2016 and directs the firm’s research strategy across all practice areas. He also leads the Facilities Management and Justice practice on an interim basis. Baskar has over fifteen years of experience in strategy consulting and research. He previously worked for Serco PLC. Baskar holds a MSc in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College London.

Updated July 2022

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