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Elevate Your FM Services with a Strategic Mobilisation and Transition Program

The cornerstone of successful FM service delivery lies in a meticulously planned and executed
mobilisation and transition program. This critical phase offers a prime opportunity for all
stakeholders to align and ensure the seamless implementation of systems, procedures, and
resources, paving the way for full-service delivery from the commencement date.

At Baachu, we recognise that successful mobilisation hinges on continuous and positive engagement
between the FM provider and the client organisation. Our collaborative yet comprehensive approach ensures that all
parties work in tandem to our detailed milestones, governance forums, identify and promptly address any potential risks, fostering a proactive environment that sets the stage for successful service commencement.

Bid Response Support

Work closely with bid managers to shape transition and mobilisation sections
Develop activity plans, resource budgets, site requirements mapping
Profile risks, dependencies for seamless solution activation

Post-Award Activation

Activate transition program management office
Firm up detailed mobilisation plans at a site/region level
Undertake facility and infrastructure assessments
Novate supplier contracts, branding and Assign resources, equipment and tools needed for service continuity

Go-Live Management

Execute sequenced facilities take-on based on transition roadmap
Monitor service activation to validate SLAs and KPIs
Manage stakeholder communications and expectation setting

By leveraging proven methodologies and specialist resources for mobilisation planning, we ensure our facilities management solution transforms seamlessly from sales to service delivery.

Choose Baachu for a robust mobilisation strategy that guarantees a smooth transition and optimal
FM service delivery.

Have questions or need assistance? Our team is here to help. Contact us at hello@baachu.com for any inquiries related to any of our services.

Case Study

Baachu was enlisted to provide mobilisation and project transition support to Mitie on seven Building Schools for the Future (BSF) projects. These encompassed eleven schools located in the North East, East Midlands, and West Midlands, with a specific focus on aiding in Hard Services, Helpdesk, and all PFI Commercial aspects.

Our Strategic Approach:

In the process of mobilisation and transition support for Mitie, Baachu team produced detailed mobilisation plans,set up the PMO Office and executed a range of critical tasks, including:

  1. Statutory Compliance Audits
  2. Asset Collection Surveys
  3. On-site Attendance during the go-live phase at each project site
  4. Building Condition Surveys
  5. Helpdesk Setup
  6. Design and Setup of Payment Mechanism
  7. Ongoing Support for Payment Mechanism Reporting
  8. Fire Surveys and Risk Assessments
  9. Site File Establishment
  10. PFI Commercial Support

The Ongoing Success:

While the project is still in progress, Baachu's support has facilitated a seamless mobilisation and transition of these seven projects to Mitie. Our commitment extends to supporting Mitie through the transition period into steady-state business operations.
Operations Director, Mitie ooo

Client feedback has consistently been positive, with Mitie's Operations Director acknowledging that "the support from Baachu has been pivotal during the mobilisation of these projects; in fact, I don't know how we would have managed it without them.

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