Global FM Market – Trends that will shape the future

US $ 1.2-1.3 trillion 50% Four service lines accounting for the market (1.1 $ trillion) Property Maintenance Cleaning Security Catering Key trends that would likely shape the global FM market: The global FM market is constant state of flux. There are new trends and developments occurring in the market almost on a frequent basis. There …

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Innovations, Technology & Trends Impacting the FM Sector

Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality More and more companies specialize in technology like HVAC monitoring devices, fuel monitors, fitness equipment usage devices, grease trap monitors, etc. All can communicate with our software without any human interaction. Augmented reality with things like BIM (building information modeling) also will begin to transform facilities. Imagine the benefits …

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Can RICS Membership boost your career in Built Environment, Real Estate and Facilities Management ?

RICS membership is recognised worldwide as an international standards for professionals in real estate and built environment.

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Self-delivery as a tool to improve margins

As the UK market matures, self-delivery is growing in importance for both competitive advantage and risk mitigation.

Even in the more complex IFM segment, self-delivery is becoming more common as customers seek more contract centralization and suppliers seek to grow margins.
Early leaders include ISS, which is a leader in the development of integrated service offerings based primarily on self-delivery.
White-collar FM firms are also moving into self-delivery (e.g., JLL’s acquisition of Integral in 2016).

Business Writing Tips

Writing emails, contracts or proposals are a significant part of the daily business. Poor writing can have negative effects. It can ruin relationships and increase the chance of rejection or losing contracts. Improving your writing skills can vastly improve your business. It can save time, build trust and even help you communicate your message with greater impact. Given below are some tips on how you can improve your business writing skills.