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Explore Expert Technical Support for Seamless PFI Handback Processes

As the expiration of over 700 PFI contracts looms within the next decade in the UK, the Infrastructure Projects Authority (IPA) underscores the urgency of “early” handback planning. Baachu emerges as a reliable partner, offering expert technical consultancy support throughout the entire PFI handback process, representing the Trust/Authority, SPV/Asset Management company, or FMCo. The paramount advantages of proactive and effective handback planning include ensuring uninterrupted services, prudent cost management, and allowing ample time for a smooth process, ultimately mitigating the risk of handback disputes.
Drawing on nearly two decades of experience in providing technical consultancy support to the PFI/PPP sector, Baachu's expert consultants specialize in various facets of the PFI handback service. This includes addressing contractual handback obligations, conducting contractual compliance reviews, aligning asset life cycles with handback dates, and developing robust handback strategies. Our comprehensive support extends to managing the commercial elements of handback, implementing risk mitigation and management strategies, conducting asset condition surveys, overseeing defects reviews and management, and aligning life cycle ownership, sufficiency, and handback strategies. Post-handback, we continue to provide support during the transition phase, assisting with future FM strategy and procurement.
Partner with Baachu for unparalleled technical expertise, ensuring a seamless and well-planned PFI handback process. Our consultants are dedicated to safeguarding your interests and optimizing outcomes at every stage of the handback journey.
Have questions or need assistance? Our team is here to help. Contact us at hello@baachu.com for any inquiries related to any of our services.

Case Studies

Case Study 1:

Baachu took the lead in early 2020 when commissioned by Semperian, following Asset Surveys and
an FM Strategy project, to spearhead the procurement of their Total Facilities Management (TFM)
contract. Semperian had made the decision to put the contract out to tender, seeking a
comprehensive solution for their facility management needs.

Our Strategic Approach:

Baachu provided an end-to-end procurement solution aligned with Semperian's guidelines, systems, and documents. This involved initiating the process, selecting tenders from Achilles based on appropriate Nomenclature des Unités Territoriales Statistiques (NUTS) codes, drafting all qualification paperwork, questions, and assessments. The same meticulous approach was applied to the selection and award phases of the procurement event. Our team handled all communications related to the tender, including clarifications, the drafting of formal contracts, schedules, specifications, commercial reviews, and award discussions. Regular notifications were provided at all stages, keeping bidders informed of results and progress.

The Successful Outcome:

Semperian received a robust contract, providing clear details and expectations for managing the service provider. Affiliated with a credible and market-leading FM company, CBRE, the 5-year contract valued at £2.4 million per annum was secured under the TFM banner.

Case Study 2:

Managing diverse investors and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) in numerous Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs), our client faced the challenge of preparing for efficient handbacks within specified timeframes.

Baachu's Approach:

Baachu conducted a detailed analysis, listing all investors/SPVs and noting PFI expiry dates. Collaborating closely with the Building Services Association (BSA) and the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA), Baachu developed a streamlined PFI handback process.


Baachu’s efforts resulted in a well-defined handback readiness analysis and a structured process, enhancing efficiency and compliance. The client gained a comprehensive overview of their PFI landscape, ensuring proactive planning for successful handbacks.

Client Benefit:

Empowered by Baachu’s expertise, the client navigated PFI complexities with a structured roadmap, minimizing disruptions, and maximizing success in the handback phase.
SPV Director, Semperian ooo

Semperian expressed their satisfaction with Baachu's professionalism and ability, emphasising exceptional standards of work delivered on time and within budget. The ongoing positive relationship has led to Baachu's continued support post-contract award, focusing on Performance Auditing and stabilisation of this contract and others.

Client Testimonial ooo

Baachu's strategic approach to PFI handback analysis and process development has been instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition. Their expertise and collaborative efforts have provided us with valuable insights, enabling proactive planning and successful handbacks. Highly recommended for their commitment to excellence.

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