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we are your strategic content partner

From Market (Ing) Strategy To Thought Leadership Writing And Editing

Create brand awareness and trust in Facilities Services Market

Content should demand attention, connect you with your audiences, and fuel business growth. With so many businesses creating content online, we can help you to differentiate your brand with a Content Marketing strategy that connects with your customer base and enhances your brand awareness. We analyse billions of data points on audience and market trends to create meaningful content in effective formats.


Market Understanding is key

Using our detailed Insights from Rain APP, our bespoke FM market dashboard we identify the emerging interests and trends in your market to conceive the disruptive content of the future.



Using our bespoke industry-leading AI based social listening tool ‘Baachu Scoop’ we monitor your prospects, suspects, competitors, optimise and target the content we produce for the channels and platforms where it will engage, influence, and perform the best.


Own the Conversation

Our content marketers and channel experts will ensure your chosen channels (social media, websites, podcast, emails) are used to their maximum potential, hyper-targeting your audience at the points that offer the greatest interaction opportunity.



We bring your marketing strategy to life and place it in front of your future customers through engaging thought leadership content, immersive podcast production, influencer marketing, and paid media.

Utilise our strategic market insights to attract, engage, and convert your customers. Partner with content specialist at Baachu Rain.

Our content writers turn complex ideas into compelling copy. Our editors help you get every detail right, so your message comes through clearly. And our designers bring your ideas to vivid life!

Together, we create amazing content

Whether we’re writing original content, editing your copy, or articulating it through design, we help you express your ideas clearly and powerfully. Here’s the type of material we create:

We understand the FM market, have built sales pipeline and sales & marketing strategy for 30+ leading FM players. We can align our market insights to build dynamic strategic sales and marketing content for your website, email newsletter and social media faster and effective than any generic marketing agency!

Let's talk about your next content project!

Choose your content partnership memberships

Content partnership /year 
Insight blogs/articles (300 words)
2 (a month)
1 (a month)
Reports  (15 -20 pages)
Whitepaper (3-5 pages)
Case studies or Feature stories a year (1000 words)
MARKET UPDATE (Email) Newsletters
2 (a month)
1 (a month)
Podcast creation and edits, webinar and events, video creation and edits, power point slides, brochures, flyers, proposal writing & more
Annual Content Subscription (Fee)
£50,000 + VAT
£30,000 + VAT
Content Partnership/Year Premium Plus
Insights blogs/articles (300words) 2 (a month) 1 (a month)
Reports (15 – 20 pages) 2 1
Whitepaper (3 – 5 pages) 4 2
Case Studies or Feature Stories a year (1000 Words) 6 3
Market Update (Email) Newsletters 2 (a month) 1 (a month)
Podcast creation and edits, webinars and events, video creation and edits, powerpoint slides, brochures, flyers, proposal writing & more ADD ON ADD ON
Annual Content Subscription (Fee) £50,000 + VAT £30,000 + VAT
As a leading FM Strategic Content Marketing partner, we can review your current strategy and provide a recommendation on how we can improve your overall brand positioning and digital marketing.

Contact One of Our Strategic Content Marketing Specialists Today to discuss a strategy that best suits your budget and goals and see where Strategic Content Marketing can take you!

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