Avoid Commitment in Proposal Writing

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

A good proposal is one which resolves the client’s queries and as we know, it wins because of all the promises made to fulfill. Once accepted by the clients, all efforts will narrow down to serving them with the best. Inability to do so proves we are avoiding promises made to them. Hence avoid commitment in your proposals.

One essential tip is to abandon the use of passive voice!

For instance, the truth about passive voice is that instead of highlighting the noun performing the action, the subject receives the action as a highlight! This definitely weakens the statements in the proposal.

An alternative is to strive for clarity, as when in trouble clarity saves us from tarnishing our credibility!

Another way to avoid commitment is to discuss your capabilities and experiences with the client instead of merely focusing on what you will do.

Your initial discussion with the client can showcase

  • the interest you develop to understand them,
  • criteria considered to take better decisions and forth penning it down,
  • targeting processes which get things done,
  • assure client involvement in decision making,
  • appointment of single point of contact but empower all to find solutions and
  • highlight the benefits that is reaped for best results

Consolidating the above into a plan is the next big step!

While it can be very tempting to showcase your commitment in your proposal, it is better to propose what is achievable and deliver it impeccably.

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