Characteristics of Winning Proposals

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

A thorough plan is pivotal to any successful proposal. This plan should consider the resources one is able to allocate to the project.

The main resources are the employee’s availability, time, and money. With these carefully considered and allocated, the next step is to cater to your targeted market.

To do this effectively, one must understand how to seize the attention of the market and exactly what the customer is looking for – any prejudices surrounding the proposal, what other similar products are available to the customer, and how to convince the customer to listen to your proposal and seek out your services.

When actually drafting the proposal, there are five key spheres to keep in mind.

  • Compliance/Responsiveness:  This is fulfilling what is initially promised to the client and also outlining how the service provided is going to fulfill the customer’s needs in an enticing and beneficial manner.
  • Strategic and Competitive Focus: This revolves around the tactfulness of one’s proposal and the mode in which the message is conveyed. Are statistic and factual statements used when possible? Is the service made to look superior over the competition?
  • Quality of Writing: A stepwise design format should be used to keep the sections concise and easy for the customer to understand. Proper sentence structure, introductions and conclusions should be used as well.
  • Visualization: Were illustrations and diagrams taken into account when the proposal was being formulated? The images must also be impactful whilst having relevant and interesting captions.
  • Impactful Page Design: Pages must be balanced and easy to understand. The overall look must be sophisticated while highlighting key points.

Carefully considering the above key aspects and following the guidelines are crucial to formulating customer centric proposals successfully.

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