The A-Zs of Procurement

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

The job of a procurement officer may be a foreign concept to many teams, and when joining a project halfway there is bound to be some misunderstandings. In a perfect world procurement would be part of the process from the very beginning, but more often than not a procurement officer is called in midway to save a sinking ship. When being thrown into the lion’s den the procurement officer should first explain who they are, what they can bring to the table, and what their job actually is.

The project manager is your easiest route to being accepted by the rest of the team. If they are on your side you can much more easily integrate into the team. If not, it is paramount that you make time to properly meet the team, and see what their needs are. If they see you taking an interest in them, it will show that you are here to be a part of the team and work with them as opposed to against them.

Once you know the team, you must next know what the project is. Create a plan that outlines the timeline of the project and highlights the landmarks. During this process you should work with the different team members honing in on their induvial talents, and using their expertise in their respected fields. By working with them you will be able to find the best suppliers, at the best price for your project.

All throughout this process you should be asking for constructive input from the different team members and asking them for ways to further improve upon your project. Open communication is the best way to help them understand what your process is when looking over their purchases and make the process happen as smoothly as possible. Having open communication lines will not only keep the team members happy, but also the investors of the project.

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