A competitive business environment demands high performance and inevitably needs to build pressure on the team. But most people walk away from stressful situations or do not know how to act when under pressure. Pressure handled the right way will improves customer experience, improve results, and lead to success. 

Here are five tips that can help performance when under pressure:

1. Proper and efficient practice 

The best way to overcome the fear of pressure is by practicing under pressure. It is not possible to duplicate pressure conditions, but by purposeful practice , it is possible to be prepared to handle them the right way. Practice for your presentation in front of a mock audience. Be thorough with your subject matter and be prepared for all challenging questions. Always have a backup plan especially when technology is involved. 

2. Slow and Steady 

Remember to slow down a little when the pressure is on. Take a deep breath and compose yourself when under pressure. Composing yourself before speaking or walking a little slower to a podium can make a world of difference. It is always better to be right than to be first.  

3. Reactions matter

Body language is central component of nonverbal communication. Psychologists believe that body language is a significant factor for emotional connections. An upright posture, a firm handshake, making eye contact and mirroring others’ positions can be effective tools in the workplace. It radiates optimism and even boosts teamwork. Therefore, use your body language as a positive force.  

4. Do not obsess 

Overthinking about a task can lead to a negative result. People spend time worrying about a meeting or performance review going badly, or missing a tight deadline. Instead learn to focus on the process and not the outcome. A clear plan and an achievable goal builds confidence and stops worry as this will only have a negative impact on the performance.  

5. Confidence does not guarantee success 

The greatest marker of success is not self-confidence but rather one’s reaction when under pressure. The most confident and loudest person in the room is not always right, or even the best qualified. We often assume that more extroverted personalities are best suited for doing important tasks even though they might not have the necessary skills. Look around and choose people who can perform under pressure. 

Every situation can be handled with practice and appropriate skills. Remember that diamonds are created under pressure. Proper handling of pressure will also lead to massive success in a business. 

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