We have discussed the basics of branding last week.

Visual Branding is the process of creating a unique and memorable physical image for a company in the mind of consumers.

Key elements of Visual branding – logo, typography, color, and images.


Logo: A logo is the face of your brand. It is the most efficient way to get your audience to remember you through time and sometimes the logo could even persuade the buyer to choose your brand. Create logos that speak the brand’s message. (Tip: A black and white iteration of your coloured logo would always come in handy for branding purposes)


Typography: Consistently using the same fonts for print and online materials is essential for good visual branding.It may seem small and unimportant, but using the same fonts is just as important as using the same logo. Most companies opt to have a primary font, that is used for headers and titles, and a secondary font that is used for paragraph text. These fonts can be part of the same font family, or they can be different. One or both can even be from the same font family as the font used in the logo. It can also be useful to have a third font that is used for phrases that need emphasis – in this case, the font is often an italicized or bold version of the primary or secondary font.


Color: Color is one of the most important aspects of visual branding. It is one of the easiest things for consumers to associate with a brand, and different colors convey different feelings – which can be handy for creating desired reactions to products. Eg: Yellow – energy, happiness. Blue – Calm, professional

Images: Imagery refers to the pictures and graphics that a company uses in their ads and online presence. Choosing the right imagery is a great way to show consumers what the company is all about. Imagery can convey the lifestyle that comes along with using a product. It can also help target the right market for a product, by visually showing consumers that the product is a great fit for their lifestyle and interests.


Be consistent through all the visual branding to get a better brand recall.

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