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How much are you spend to acquire a customer?

If you are already CCS Framework Lot1 Supplier, Do you know there are

  • Around 2500 opportunities with estimated contract value between £0 – £7m (Lot 1a)
  • Over 260 opportunities with estimated contract value between £7m – £50m (Lot 1b)
  • Around 100 opportunities with estimated contract value above £50m (Lot 1c)
  • Around 3600 opportunities with no contract values available

Some of you might be bidding already on the opportunities coming out of CCS framework.

All Central Government bodies will have no choice (except libraries and museums) to use the framework. CCS is reviewing whether the generic package will work, or they will need design customised package for fire brigade, schools, NHS, academies, local GOV and more.

Opportunities in the sectors vary by size and services. and breakdown below…

Housing and Local Gov are popular Public Sector markets and Commercial Buildings, Leisure and Office are popular in Private Sector markets.

Some of these opportunities are being renewed and extended daily basis.  We are supporting few clients whose renewals are as far as 2023. If you are constraint with resources, then it’s always better to focus on renewal projects than new business…

You might be wondering – what opportunities are there in the FM markets and sub sectors and how many of the opportunities are immediate. Our FM Database includes 800 projects expiring in the next 12- 18 months? We have 6500 Public Sector opportunities under 13 sub categories and 2000 Private sector opportunities in 11 sub categories.

We consider, private sector, £500k – £5m annual value projects to be the more interesting market with innovative tech enabled FM solutions. Do you play in that bracket?

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