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Baskar Sundaram

While the facilities services market experienced a slowdown last year, engineering services emerged as a standout performer among other segments.

Join this webinar as I, Baskar Sundaram examine the past performance and future prospects of the facilities and engineering services sector. Participants will gain valuable insights into the pricing outlook, commercial dynamics, market attractiveness, and evolving buyer expectations for facilities and engineering services. Finally, we’ll explore emerging trends and future projections.

What questions will the webinar answer for the participants?

  • How did the facilities and engineering services market perform in 2023?
  • What are the latest FM enterprise objectives and recent commercial trends in this space?
  • How will the facilities and engineering services market shape out in 2024, and what can service providers do to improve win rates in deals?

Who should attend?

• CXOs
• Sales Leaders
• Account & Contract Directors
• Bid and Proposal Professionals
• Finance Professionals & Estimators
• Solution Design & Customer Experience Leads
• Facilities and Engineering Services Leads
• Analyst and Advisory Relations
• Real Estate Leaders
• Engineering Department Heads
• Head of Property and Facilities
• Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs)
• Government Sourcing Heads, Category Managers, Sourcing Strategy Professionals, Vendor Management Leaders


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About Baachu 

Baachu is a facilities management consulting firm that offers a range of services to its clients. The company’s services cover asset surveys, CAFM solutions, PFI/PPP project management, technical support for PFI handback processes, facilities management procurement, strategic mobilisation and transition program, sales pipeline booster, FM bid and proposal consulting, FM estimating and bid pricing, thought leadership program, M&A support, and operational benchmarking.


Baachu also offers a range of reports that provide insights into various markets, including the UK facilities management market, UK schools, colleges, and universities FM market, UK public sector FM market, UK commercial building and offices FM market, cleaning services market, and FM in manufacturing, industrial, and pharma (UK). These reports cover topics such as market size, market segmentation, top FM services providers, key contracts, risks, trends, opportunities, customer experience, technology, and wellbeing impact.


In addition to its reports, Baachu provides a range of insights through events such as webinars, podcasts, member blogs, education series, case studies, FM insider newsletter, and scorecard. The company also offers three membership levels: Rain Insider (Individual), Rain Plus (SME), and Rain Plus (Enterprise) 


Baachu’s Lens service provides a live FM market an competitive intelligence to help clients better positive themselves in the market. 

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In the highly competitive Facilities Management industry, submitting a winning bid can make all the difference. That’s where Baachu Bid Writing & Estimating Support comes in. Our tailored approach, focused on your specific needs, ensures that you have the right insights and tools to maximize your
win rates and boost your business growth.

Drop us a line at hello@baachu.com for any bid writing and estimating support.

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