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Baskar Sundaram is an award winning Entrepreneur, Founder/CEO of Baachu. More than 30 GLOBAL Companies, Investment firms and GOV bodies use Baskar regularly to advice on complex strategic growth & organisational challenges and gain market feedback. 12/20 UK top strategic suppliers have used Baachu to generate and sustain their in year revenue targets. He founded, in March 2019, learning platform for government suppliers with largest collection of training courses, tools and templates in proposal, commercial, capture and sales management anywhere on the planet.

In the webinar masterclass, I will reveal…

Know your FM Market - How to Measure, Prove and Optimise the ROI Value of Your (or your Clients) FM Pipeline

Everything you need to understand which Facilities Service Market drives the most ROI for your business and How to improve it

Pipeline Generation with market insights is one of the cornerstones of a sales strategy and can be extremely effective when used correctly. However, a common problem that often arises with pipeline development is not knowing where to start or what my market is. Much of this comes from the fact that it can be difficult to measure the impact of market sizing on a company's bottom line, and therefore, understand what works and what doesn't.

This perceived lack of measurability and inability to place value on your pipeline and market means that many of us are shooting in the dark, creating tactical projects for the sake of it, or putting the strategic planning on the back-burner to concentrate on things that are more easily measurable.

Here's the thing: just because you are busy with OJEU tracker projects or cold calling or digital marketing lead generated projects, doesn't mean it's more valuable.

That's why we're bringing you this exclusive masterclass featuring Baachu’s Founder and Director Baskar Sundaram, first ever break down of Facilities Maintenance Market. You'll come away with actionable insights that'll show you how to get a better understanding of your market and its value, while optimising your sales strategy for maximum ROI.

  • Measure the impact and value of market sizing
  • Understand what type of sector or services works best for you
  • Optimise and improve your sales strategy to improve the quality of your pipeline
  • Demonstrate the value of market sizing and strategic planning to your business

Resources for Attendees

  • Recording available
  • FM Dashboard
  • FM Market Report
  • Pipeline Cheat Sheet
  • Exclusive Invite to Workshop

Master Class Details:

  • Investment: £150
  • Location: Anywhere in the world
  • Level: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Setting: Online/Virtual
  • Webinar Length: 90 min with Q and A