FM Insider issue 37- New Year’s Message, Guarding against Disruption , Baachu 5.0, Talk by Liz Barclay & more.

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Issue #37

Friday, 31st December , 2021

The new year is almost here!


Whether the past year has been one of resilience, abundance, or even gradual growth, I hope you can find pride in your progress!


I want to thank you for your faith in us as we work to support a future that you, your colleagues, and your clients can embrace. My Team and I are here to help you shape the future!


The first 30 days of the New Year can be filled with uncertainty. Many leaders know this time as one of the toughest ones for business.

Whether you're trying to create impact with your message and grow your influence…


Trying to boost revenue by marketing your service to new and existing audiences…


Or if you’re looking for ways to scale your business…


There is always a way we can help to strengthen your growth! Reach out to us any time. And keep your eyes and ears open for new opportunities and partnerships we're hosting in this coming year.


The world will always need your insight.

The world will always need your help.

The world will always need YOU!

And feel free to join our social channels to engage with others just like you.

May you always have the confidence to accept new challenges and bring meaningful change in the world in the new year and for years to come… . Happy new year to you and yours!

Guarding Against Disruption

“In one survey of 10,000 senior leaders, 97% of them said that being strategic was the leadership behavior most important to their organization’s success.


And yet in another study, a full 96% of the leaders surveyed said they lacked the time for strategic thinking.”


Welcome to the Guarding against Disruption Education Series.


In every lesson in this 18 part series, we’ll cover a key strategy framework. Access Free and Ungated 18 lessons covering broad range of topics that are designed to empower you to do one thing – to do your job better, more effectively and efficiently with less pain.


Typically we charge £6500 + VAT for our in person strategy workshop day where we teach corporate teams how to think strategically – protect your business, transform information into shareable insights. Also to guarantee that you can apply the leanings to your work. each lesson includes a practical exercise.


Complete on your own or with your team. I genuinely want to hear from you – those responsible for producing strategic plans, competitive analysis and market intelligence. So after you go through these lessons, tell me what you think – tell me what you like and most importantly how we can help you improve your bottom line.


Disrupt yourself before others do.. Starting 3rd Jan 2022.

Experience Baachu 5.0 Connected Capabilities 2022 & Beyond

Tales to Remember

This week our guest for Baachu Talk was Liz Barclay. She is the Small Business Commissioner for the UK.

She is the Small Business Commissioner for the UK. She is also Chair of the Fair by Design and a member of the Equity Release Council Standards Board. Before she took up the role of SBC, Liz was a Financial Inclusion Commissioner.

To know more about Liz, her role as the SBC, and much more, check out the full episode right now. Happy listening!

We have 24 outstanding as well as diverse human leadership stories from UK Government and industry. To check out, visit our website and listen now  Baachu Talk Podcast

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