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Tuesday, 2nd July 2024

Revolutionising Facilities Management with Integrated Data Analytics

In today’s complex business landscape, facilities management (FM) has evolved into a strategic function that directly impacts operational efficiency, cost management, and organisational performance. Modern FM leaders face the challenge of optimising diverse operations while aligning with broader business objectives. The key to mastering these challenges lies in harnessing the power of integrated, actionable data insights.
Baachu Lens empowers FM leaders to:

  • Make informed, strategic decisions aligned with business objectives
  • Optimise operations across all facets of facilities management
  • Demonstrate clear ROI and value to stakeholders
  • Drive innovation in workplace design and utilisation
  • Lead sustainability initiatives with concrete, measurable impacts
  • Enhance the overall workplace experience for employees and visitors         

As we move into an increasingly data-driven era, FM leaders must leverage integrated analytics to transform their operations and drive meaningful change across their organisations. Read the 2000 word detailed article Here

Factors to consider while choosing your FM provider

Signing up a new facilities management provider can be hugely exciting. Done right, outsourced FM can drive immediate cost savings, process efficiencies and free up internal resource to concentrate on strategic decisions.

It can grant your business access to a far greater spread of skills and experience than you might otherwise be able to sustain in-house, and consequently mean that difficult projects are undertaken far more easily. Read the full article Here

Select Public Sector Tenders

Here’s a glimpse on select Public Sector Tender Alerts for the week :

Our research shows that there are 115 active FM opportunities in the public sector worth £960 Million. Don’t miss these exceptional opportunities! Also get access to baachu tender alerts at only £2000 a year – Drop us a line at hello@baachu.com.

Looking for Private Sector Contracts, drop us a line – hello@baachu.com. We Track 4000+ Hard, Soft, Bundled and Integrated FM Private Sector Contracts.

Contract Awards for the Week

Here’s a highlight on some of the most important contract awards from the previous week:
Public sector awards: 


  • Buckinghamshire New University has appointed Ward Security Limited for the provision of security services. The contract is worth £1.33M.
  • Buckinghamshire New University has appointed Busy Bee Cleaning Services Ltd for the provision of cleaning services. The contract is worth £1.1M.
  • Derwent Facilities Management Ltd has been appointed by Royal College of Art for the provision of Total Facilities Management services. The contract is worth £27.8M.
  • Churchill Contract Services Ltd has been awarded a Building cleaning services contract by North Warwickshire & South Leicestershire College. The contract is worth £2.13M.
  • Southern Housing Group has appointed Amulet (Churchill Security Solutions) Ltd for the provision of Repair & Maintenance services. The contract is worth £6.3M.    
Private sector awards:
  • Q3 is pleased to announce an extension to its contract with the Alhambra Shopping Centre in Barnsley for the provision of cleaning services.
  • ISS has won a 7‑year contract with the North London Mental Health NHS Partnership (NLMHP) to provide a range of services including cleaning, retail and service user catering, and security services.

Looking to build or boost your sales pipeline  – We offer a comprehensive database of over 11,000 FM contracts and strategic market and sales development services. To access this invaluable resource and to expand your market presence, contact us at hello@baachu.com with the subject line “Sales Pipeline Services – Hard, Soft & TFM” today!

Baachu's Support Services

  • Sales Intelligence: Baachu Lens & Sales Pipeline Support – One off contracts push in your chosen public and private sector/services plus retainer monthly ongoing competitive intelligence, battlecards and tender trackers.
  • Account Based Marketing Intelligence: Align Marketing to Sales (Top 50 Prospects Intelligence) – Retainer monthly to support Sales Prospecting.
  • Estimating and Commercial Support : Support your immediate bids with estimating and framing commercial pricing strategies as interim consultant.
  • Proposal Support: Write new bids, review current bids, train your team, and build your bid collateral library with our expert team. Boost your proposal success with our one off proposal services.
  • Strategic Mobilisation and Transition Program: Baachu provides mobilisation and project transition support, including statutory compliance audits, asset collection surveys, and helpdesk setup.
  • Training – APMP Certification, Sales Training, Capture & Proposal Training, AI Powered Bidder, Writer and Graphics Bootcamps.         
Reach out to us at hello@baachu.com learn more about our specialised areas of expertise and past delivery success. We are committed to customising programs to address your specific operational gaps and objectives.

Revolutionising Facilities Management with Data-Driven Insights

Facilities leaders across the UK face complex challenges in optimising space, reducing costs, and ensuring satisfaction while navigating evolving regulations. The solution lies in data, but it’s often scattered across multiple systems.
Baachu Data Sources transforms this landscape by integrating over 100 data sources into a single, powerful platform. From hard services and cleaning to security and catering, it provides a comprehensive view of your facilities:
  • Track maintenance schedules and predict equipment failures
  • Optimise cleaning based on real-time occupancy data
  • Analyse security incidents and access patterns
  • Monitor catering efficiency and satisfaction     
The platform enables:
  • Predictive maintenance to reduce downtime
  • Efficient resource allocation
  • Cost control through data-driven insights
  • Automated compliance tracking
  • Performance benchmarking against industry standards     
With customisable dashboards and reports, Baachu empowers you to make informed decisions that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance occupant satisfaction. It’s not just about collecting data—it’s about transforming it into actionable insights that drive meaningful improvements across your facilities.
Embrace the power of integrated data management with Baachu and shift from reactive management to proactive optimisation. Drop us a line: hello@baachu.com

Industry News

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Only 47 days left to apply for the Flexible AI Upskilling Fund pilot scheme!

To help our readers seize this opportunity, we’ve launched a new webpage with comprehensive guidance on the application process. We’ve also highlighted Baachu’s AI Courses, specially designed for your IT and analytics teams. Choose from three tailored options:
  1. Foundation: 50 hours – £2,500
  2. Advanced: 100 hours – £5,000
  3. Premium: 200 hours – £10,000     
The best part? 50% of the course fee is covered by the fund!
Don’t miss this chance to upskill your team at half the cost. Visit our dedicated page Here
Need assistance with the application or crafting your proposal statement? Contact us at hello@baachu.com, and we’ll be happy to support you.
Don’t miss this opportunity—apply today!

Baachu Talk Podcast

Get to know Paul Bean, Chief Exec of Bellrock, one of the most grounded visionary FM leader you will ever meet. Listen Now

Stay tuned as we prepare to restart the Baachu Talk Podcast, where we will be sharing Human leadership stories of our Industry Leaders.

MRI Software FM and Energy Leaders Forum: One Week Away

I’m delighted to announce my first speaking engagement of the year at the MRI Software FM and Energy Leaders Forum. I’ll be participating in a roundtable discussion on the “Importance of Collaboration in the Net Zero Journey”. We’ll explore strategies for driving organisational cultural shifts and overcoming barriers using data-driven insights – a topic close to my heart.
Event details:

  • Date: 3rd July 2024 (tomorrow)
  • Time: 10:00 – 15:00
  • Venue: The Skyline London at Tower Suites, central London      

Hope to see you there. Register Here

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