Often times when companies set out to write a proposal all of their focus is on editing. Have we made our point clear? Have we mentioned all the right statistics? Are there any mistakes? Although these are all important steps, more often than not, they take precedence over an even more important step.

Before delving deep into creating the perfect proposal, and missing the wood for the trees, the keystone to success is making a plan of how  and what to write. This step is casting the mould of your proposal to make sure it is flawless. Once this has been done it can by shined and buffed to perfection with minimal editing.

To make a well thought-out plan, there are couple things to be done. You need to know exactly what you need to do, to be the number one contender. If you are unsure of this, your proposal will sound unrefined and self-promoting. Once you know what the customer wants, it should be incorporated in a natural way as opposed to sounding like a guidebook. Supposing you do not factor in what should be in your proposal and aimlessly start compiling different facts, the disorganized tone will be apparent.

Make sure your plan is not just verbally discussed, write it out concisely and when reviewing the proposal, you will be able to tell if all the necessary criterion have been fulfilled.  When everyone has clarity on what needs to be accomplished, you will not have to nitpick everything that is being done as you have already set the bar with your plan. When this is achieved you will have a harmonious work environment with everyone respecting what you have to say rather than avoiding working together.

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