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Tuesday, 25th June 2024

UK Facilities Management Market Analysis: May 2024 Contract Awards & Sector Trends

In May 2024, the UK facilities management sector witnessed significant activity, with over 40 contract awards across various categories, including Hard, Soft, and Integrated FM services. The total value of these contracts exceeded £500 million, indicating robust demand for outsourced FM services.
To put this figure in context, we need to consider historical data:

  • May 2023: £450 million in contract awards
  • May 2022: £420 million in contract awards
  • May 2021: £380 million in contract awards  

This data suggests a consistent year-on-year growth in contract values, with a 11.1% increase from May 2023 to May 2024. This growth rate outpaces the UK’s general inflation rate, indicating real expansion in the sector. Read the full article Here

4 questions to consider before you outsource your FM services

Facilities management, or FM, is a complex function. Depending on the organisation in question, it likely involves a range of different yet complementary disciplines, including waste management, energy services, cleaning and maintenance, physical security and so on.
Replacing complexity with simplicity is, of course, often a key driver of business efficiency – and simplifying the multi-faceted property picture often means outsourcing facilities management. Hand over some or all of these disparate FM functions to a third-party supplier, and your managers are freed up to focus on more strategic tasks. Read the full article Here

Select Public Sector Tenders

Here’s a glimpse on select Public Sector Tender Alerts for the week :


Our research shows that there are 120 active FM opportunities in the public sector worth £920 Million. Don’t miss these exceptional opportunities! Also get access to baachu tender alerts at only £2000 a year – Drop us a line at hello@baachu.com.
Looking for Private Sector Contracts, drop us a line – hello@baachu.com. We Track 4000+ Hard, Soft, Bundled and Integrated FM Private Sector Contracts.

Contract Awards for the Week

Here’s a highlight on some of the most important contract awards from the previous week:
Public sector awards: 


  • Thurrock Council has appointed MPD FM Ltd for the provision of total security services. The contract is worth £2.3M.
  • Compass contract services has been appointed by Partners Procurement Service for the provision of Soft FM services. The contract is worth £8.7M.
  • Brayborne Facilities Services has been awarded a Cleaning services contract by The Buckingham School. The contract is worth £0.8M.
  • Caledonian Maintenance Services Ltd has been awarded a contract for the provision of window-cleaning services by the NHS Dumfries and Galloway Health Board. The contract is worth £0.08M.     

Private sector awards:

  • Wates has commenced its new partnership with South Derbyshire District Council to deliver planned and responsive housing maintenance works to the Council’s 3,000 properties.
  • The Hampshire School in Chelsea, Francis Holland Schools has expanded its partnership with cleaning specialists, The Clean Space, to support its preparation of the new site for full occupation later this year.
  • International Workplace Group (IWG, has awarded Wates Group’s facilities management business a three-year contract for the delivery of maintenance services across more than 250 UK sites.
  • Artic Building Services has been awarded a HVAC maintenance contract with Catalent Micron Technologies.
  • Phosters FM has secured a three-year Total Facilities Management (TFM) contract with safety products and services provider, Arco.

Looking to build or boost your sales pipeline  – We offer a comprehensive database of over 11,000 FM contracts and strategic market and sales development services. To access this invaluable resource and to expand your market presence, contact us at hello@baachu.com with the subject line “Sales Pipeline Services – Hard, Soft & TFM” today!

Baachu's Support Services

  • Sales Intelligence: Baachu Lens & Sales Pipeline Support – One off contracts push in your chosen public and private sector/services plus retainer monthly ongoing competitive intelligence, battlecards and tender trackers.
  • Account Based Marketing Intelligence: Align Marketing to Sales (Top 50 Prospects Intelligence) – Retainer monthly to support Sales Prospecting.
  • Estimating and Commercial Support : Support your immediate bids with estimating and framing commercial pricing strategies as interim consultant.
  • Proposal Support: Write new bids, review current bids, train your team, and build your bid collateral library with our expert team. Boost your proposal success with our one off proposal services.
  • Strategic Mobilisation and Transition Program: Baachu provides mobilisation and project transition support, including statutory compliance audits, asset collection surveys, and helpdesk setup.
  • Training – APMP Certification, Sales Training, Capture & Proposal Training, AI Powered Bidder, Writer and Graphics Bootcamps.         
Reach out to us at hello@baachu.com learn more about our specialised areas of expertise and past delivery success. We are committed to customising programs to address your specific operational gaps and objectives.

Revolutionising Facilities Management with Data-Driven Insights

Facilities leaders across the UK face complex challenges in optimising space, reducing costs, and ensuring satisfaction while navigating evolving regulations. The solution lies in data, but it’s often scattered across multiple systems.
Baachu Data Sources transforms this landscape by integrating over 100 data sources into a single, powerful platform. From hard services and cleaning to security and catering, it provides a comprehensive view of your facilities:
  • Track maintenance schedules and predict equipment failures
  • Optimise cleaning based on real-time occupancy data
  • Analyse security incidents and access patterns
  • Monitor catering efficiency and satisfaction     
The platform enables:
  • Predictive maintenance to reduce downtime
  • Efficient resource allocation
  • Cost control through data-driven insights
  • Automated compliance tracking
  • Performance benchmarking against industry standards     
With customisable dashboards and reports, Baachu empowers you to make informed decisions that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance occupant satisfaction. It’s not just about collecting data—it’s about transforming it into actionable insights that drive meaningful improvements across your facilities.
Embrace the power of integrated data management with Baachu and shift from reactive management to proactive optimisation. Drop us a line: hello@baachu.com

Industry News

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Flexible AI Upskilling Fund pilot

The Flexible AI Upskilling Fund pilot scheme will support SMEs in the Professional and Business Services Sector by match-funding AI skills training for their employees. Please note, Cabinet Office Government Grants Managed Service will be the Delivery Partner for scheme administration.
Closing date: 18 August 2024, 11:59pm   (Midnight)
While filling the application, you should be prepared to confirm your total employee number, your latest published turnover figure (GBP), your latest published balance sheet total (GBP), which of the eligible SIC codes apply to your business, and the date of incorporation of your organisation to ensure your business is at least one year old at the time of application.
You will also be required to verify that receipt of this grant will not exceed the Minimum Financial Assistance (MFA) threshold of £315,000 cumulated over this and the previous two financial years.
Looking to enhance your AI skills? Apply now through the Flexible AI Upskilling Fund Pilot! Simply visit this link and use Baachu’s UKPRN: 10082516 to get started.
Need assistance with the application or crafting your proposal statement? Contact us at hello@baachu.com, and we’ll be happy to support you.
Don’t miss this opportunity—apply today!

MRI Software FM and Energy Leaders Forum: One Week Away

I’m pleased to share that I’ll be speaking at the upcoming FM and Energy Leaders Forum. This event offers a valuable opportunity to connect with colleagues and gain insights into current industry trends and strategies.

The event will take place at The Skyline London at Tower Suites in central London, on 3rd July 2024, offering an engaging setting for learning and discussion.

If you’re interested in staying informed about the evolving landscape of FM and energy, consider joining us for this informative day. Register Here

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