Webinar | Coronavirus: Facilities Management Market Analysis Series

You’ve got the basics down. Now it’s time to make a strategic business plan for the next few months and beyond – when the current situation is in our rear view mirror.

The crashing global economy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic now wreaks havoc on businesses. But the pandemic eventually will end, and there will be compelling opportunities at that time. Companies need to take steps now that enable them to accelerate through the pandemic curve so they can grab opportunities when the pandemic ends.

The pandemic is causing a pause in commercial activity for the next few months. But once the pause is over, the underlying fundamentals for a digital shift is still positive. And it will happen quickly at that point – for companies that have the foundation for high agility and productivity.

In this webinar series, Baskar Sundaram will break down the FM market by sector and services. Discuss ways you can minimize impact to business operations in the short- and mid-term, and how you can position yourself to uncover potential opportunities in the future. The webinar series will offer a 360-degree view of the business implications and specific growth actions and frameworks you can deploy this quarter, next quarter, and the quarter beyond.

Leading service providers are already planning for the end of this crisis. If you were one of the companies on the outside looking in, now is the time to act so that the next crisis does not catch you on your heels. In the Covid-19 new normal environment, what do you want to know? 

  • Is your market is big enough (or if it’s too big and how to make it “smaller”) ?
  • Whats your target sector, who is your client, when do they procure their service, and what they want to buy?
  • Who are your biggest competitors are, what they are selling, and IF they are successful?
  • What are your adjacent markets and how to get into these markets?
  • Which products and services are already selling and working the best for your market?
  • How much of the market is outsourced in UK Public sector and UK Private Sector?
  • How can I boost my pipeline in the quickest possible time?
  • Covid-19 – What is the future for Facilities Management?

 Lets lay the foundation together.

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