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Why Facilities Management Market is Screwed and that's a Good Thing!

FM convergence with ERP, Building Assets, CRM, Supply chain systems, ESG, Tech, Social Value dominated the industry innovation narrative over the last decade.

However, FM initiatives cannot stand independently; they must align with the overall business transformation program. Most FM organizations, including those in the private and public sectors, continue to operate in silos, resulting in reduced visibility, decision-making delays, and value chain inefficiency. With increasing FM complexity, changing customer preferences, and complex supply chains, operations, technology, and business strategy will need to converge.

Join Baachu Founder, Baskar Sundaram, who will share 10 Reasons Why FM Market is Screwed and will pose the questions and more to the industry

Join Baachu Founder, Baskar Sundaram, who will share the reasons why the FM market is screwed and will pose questions and more to the industry.

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