No one likes to be micromanaged. Period.

Most employees dread micromanagement, yet, often without our knowledge we all tend to micromanage especially in start-up environment where the company is very dear to  the founders.

“micromanagement is a management style whereby a manager closely observes or controls the work of subordinates or employees”

Here are the reasons why micromanaging may be doing some serious harm to your organisation:

  1. Rupture in the trust:

Trust is the most important value in any organisation. It inspires employees to take responsibility and pride in the growth of the company. But micromanagement is basically screaming “I don’t trust you or your work”. Definitely not something that we want inside a healthy thriving organisation. Micromanagement may lead to greater employee churn, which is expensive.

  1. A handicapped organisation:

Setting up a culture where every decision and every action is closely monitored, and the management has a say in them, could in long term create an organisation that lacks the spontaneity and crisis managing capability. Micromanagement can make employees want your constant input in every work they do. The company becomes dependent on you!

  1. Kills creativity:

Creativity is only born where people are relaxed and free. Micromanaging will deprive your employees of the space to explore and create something new and exciting.

  1. Narrows your vision:

Seeing petty details for a long time could affect your ability to look at the bigger picture, the goal you started with, the opportunities that are yours to cease. Let us worry less about our employee’s tasks and start inspiring with moving forward.

  1. We hate to tell you this:

Micromanagement can take a huge toll on your health. It can bring about stress and feeling of helplessness that are leading factors of health issues in a work environment. #Staysafe!


Takeaway: Look at the bigger picture, inspire your employees to run the extra mile with passion!

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