Everyday our porters, cleaners, catering staff, construction workers, engineers, their supervisors and managers are putting their lives at risk to serve our #frontlineheroes

They were not named as keyworkers. Yet they are our unsung heroes who helped built 7000 beds in 7 weeks and now managing the facilities.
Sadly we have lost a few. Yes, 10% of lost souls in NHS are from facilities colleagues. Whilst I am home isolated these workers left behind their family and loved ones, still standing alongside our #nhsheroes

I suggest we #LightAcandle for lost and unwell ​#fmheroes on #worldfmday, 13th May 1200 then continue clapping for known and unknown heroes including #fmheroes.

In order to give light, one must burn. I light my candle today and will do everyday for the courageous souls who keep us safe. Everyone matters.

Love + Respect
Baskar Sundaram

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