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UKs ONLY Sales and Market Development Specialists for ALL sectors of the UK Facilities Management and Technology Enabled Workplace Services Market. Trusted by 90% of Top 50 UK FM Suppliers.

We track 10078 Outsourced Facilities Services Contracts across 11+ Public and Private Sectors!

Unlock explosive growth potential at every stage with Baachu Rain's comprehensive Growth Pipeline and ecosystem of services

Unlock the full potential of your sales strategy with our comprehensive and integrated approach. Our in-house team expertly delivers 25 interconnected services, including go-to-market planning, market and competitor analysis, pipeline development, capture analysis, sales & marketing analytics, strategic research, bid pricing and writing all under one roof

So whether you want to stress test your market position, boost your sales pipeline, generate and sustain new, high quality tender opportunities, Baachu has the solutions you need.

Who Is Baachu?

Are you a facilities management service supplier looking for a competitive edge in the market? Look no further!


Our #1 UK Facilities & Workplace Services Ecosystem is trusted by the FM industry to provide a comprehensive solution that includes government policy analysis, market research, business winning and pricing strategies, digital marketing tools, media services, learning, growth consulting, and mastermind groups.


As your strategic partner, we will work with you to identify and secure your market position, ensuring long-term success for your facilities management services. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your business to the next level with confidence, join us now

Our Clients

Providing market and competitive insights to 50+ Facilities Management Leaders across UK

Baachu has been a leading provider of sales and market development services in the UK facilities management industry since its founding in 2014.


We have partnered with over 50 enterprises and 20+ private and public buyers, providing them with  actionable market insights delivered over 120+ Strategy, Sales pipeline, Market research, Capture intelligence, Bid Pricing, Data Analysis & Reporting, Operational Benchmarking, Renewal Strategy, Bid Development Training  projects.


Our insights, reaches 9000+ FM leaders every week through our articles, blogs, webinars, strategy insight sessions, round tables and memberships.

Join us now and gain access to the UK’s only facilities management specific sales and market development services to give your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed.

Who is it For?

Success is not about knowing everything but knowing the right thing! To help you focus on what you really should know, we address the questions inside the mind of CEOs, Sales and Marketing Directors, Head of Facilities and Property Services. O

CEO / Business Leader

What is the size of my target & potential markets? Is the competitive landscape changing? What is my market share? What technology is available?

CEO / Business Leader

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Sales & Marketing Leader

How to achieve my in-year revenue target? How to strengthen my existing pipeline? How to build relationships with my key prospects ? How to improve win rate?

Sales Leader

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Head of Property & Facilities

Who is procuring what services and in what format? Which suppliers should I invite ? How can I enhance my supplier market engagement? Is my supply chain resilient?

Head of Property & Facilities

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Our webinars and virtual roundtables examine hot FM topics to help you evaluate different perspectives and discover new ideas

Upcoming Events

Turning Disruption into Opportunity - Top 20 Market Insights from 11,200 Contracts for Explosive Growth in 2023

May 16, 2023


Rain Memberships bring together UK FM Industry leaders, Specialised FM Companies, Prop Tech startups, Facilities Buyers and successful entrepreneurs. Break away from the pack! 


Our memberships starting from as little as £99/month is the most disruptive and trusted data driven ecosystem in UK. 

As a Rain Insider, you can have access to

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