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Helping bidding professionals locate lucrative opportunities all year round

At Baachu, we design & implement simple, sustainable & data-driven outsourcing solutions every day.

We specialise in outsourcing growth – strategy, business development and business winning methods virtually in all frontline services. Baachu brings strategic expertise to business services companies around the world.

At Baachu RAIN we are dedicated to sourcing and providing high quality data on public and private sector contract opportunities, and the training on how to maximise each opportunity to make more sales.

As a values-driven organization, Baachu understands the importance of our clients’ mission and beliefs. Our people are deeply passionate about the work they do and the opportunity to create a better world.


We aim to provide the best service possible for each and every customer


We aim to always work with utmost integrity, being fair, honest and diligent


We aim to work with maximum productivity to achieve the greatest aims with the simplest methods

RAIN Data Packages

Get thousands of hot tendering opportunities available to download each month. Choose Public or Private domain, pay online and get immediate access to 9000+ FM opportunities. Build your business pipeline in minutes.

Annual Subscription

Get immediate access to current FM opportunities plus get notified of fresh opportunities as and when we update our database. And as a bonus, you also get FREE training to build your pipeline and win more bids.

What is Baachu RAIN?

Baachu RAIN is Baachu’s first digital product built to enable outsourcing providers to Build, Extend and Qualify their pipeline within 2 weeks or less.

Baachu RAIN is more than just data. RAIN brings together 15 years of bidding expertise and strategic growth consulting by fusing targeted public and private sector opportunities with the adequate training to make the most of every opportunity.

Do you want your bidding team to be on fire with fresh enthusiasm and bringing home the big contracts when they’re needed?

Do you want to be the one to bring lucrative fresh sales into your company?

Try Baachu RAIN today. We provide everything you need to succeed.

We believe,

Targeted Data + Proven Bidding Systems= Massive success

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Strategic Planning Using Financial Models

Strategic Planning Using Financial Models

Uncertainty is a part of making business plans. But this should not stop you from creating strategic plans. This is where financial modeling comes in. Financial models do not make the future more predictable but it does help you choose between various options and prepare your business to navigate twists and turns as you implement your strategic plan.

Attaining Career Growth In The Face Of Change

Attaining Career Growth In The Face Of Change

Long gone are the days where career progression was a linear process. Globalization and the use of technology has redefined roles, eliminated certain jobs and even created new roles in an organization. Career path has become more complex and is constantly changing. So how do you move up the ladder in an ever changing workplace?

About Baskar Sundaram

Baskar Sundaram is the Founding Director of Baachu, a UK-based strategic growth advisory specialising in outsourced services sector . Baachu is an associate BSA member.

Baskar specialises in strategizing growth and is an acclaimed outsourcing industry thought leader. He regularly presents his insights in UK outsourcing public and private forums, entrepreneur gatherings, business services roundtables and APMP conferences around the world.

Baskar is a Chartered Accountant/Chartered Manager and has degrees and professional qualifications in engineering, accounting, coaching, finance, law, proposal and project management

Baskar’s recent accomplishments include :

  • APMP 2017 40 under 40 global leader award
  • 2017 Entrepreneur of the year
  • Merton Business and Croydon Excellence award

Trusted by Top UK Companies

What people say about Baachu RAIN founder and tendering expert, Baskar Sundaram

“I have known Baskar for 8 years. He is an individual I hold in highest regard, not just because he’s a highly skilled professional working across a range of disciples – leadership, business development, strategy, business process improvement – but, because he is one of the most inspirational individuals I know and a genuinely nice Guy.”

Gareth Matthews

Director, ITEC Training Solutions

“Baskar is the true definition of what an entrepreneur is. As a member of APMP, the international association for proposal, bid, capturer and graphics professionals he was recently awarded one of the 40-under- 40 award. The award was given at the association’s conference, Bid & Proposal Con in New Orleans, LA, USA and recognized young professionals who are on the move in business. Baskar is a proposal professional who is at ease with seasoned professionals as he is with other young entrepreneurs. Whether an association speaker, business professional or young entrepreneur, Baskar is an industry leader and is known as a trusted resource in the APMP community.”

Rick Harris

Chief Executive, Association of Proposal Management


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