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Baachu Rain

UKs Only Commercial Intelligence Database of 25000+ Outsourced Public and Private Sector Tender Opportunities

Access 25000 outsourced tenders (both government and private sectors) in Facilities management & Construction, Justice & Immigration, Defence & Aerospace, Highways & Transport, IT & BPO, Health & Social Care and related services.

About Us

Helping bidding professionals locate lucrative opportunities all year round

At Baachu, we design & implement simple, sustainable & data-driven outsourcing solutions every day.

We specialise in outsourcing growth – strategy, business development and business winning methods virtually in all frontline services. Baachu brings strategic expertise to business services companies around the world.

At Baachu RAIN we are dedicated to sourcing and providing high quality data on public and private sector contract opportunities, and the training on how to maximise each opportunity to make more sales.

As a values-driven organization, Baachu understands the importance of our clients’ mission and beliefs. Our people are deeply passionate about the work they do and the opportunity to create a better world.


We aim to provide the best service possible for each and every customer


We aim to always work with utmost integrity, being fair, honest and diligent


We aim to work with maximum productivity to achieve the greatest aims with the simplest methods

Who is it for?


…love us because 

we implement bidding strategies 

that help them to stand out from the (better known) crowd

Experienced Government

…love us because

we analyse pipeline data and create scalable strategies

that help further their impact on their chosen sector

Strategic Government Suppliers

…love us because

we help to build and sustain their brand

whilst identifying and targeting new sectors or global regions to expand into

Investors of Strategic

..love us because

we act as independent trusted advisors to distressed investors

who need to differentiate between underperforming assets, challenged capital structures, or management teams

Targeted Data + Proven Bidding Methods = Sustainable Revenue

You’re in Good Company

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